Dr Phil: Rosemarie Obsessed With Herself & Hurting Spineless Fiancé


Dr Phil: Rosemarie & Brian

Another narcissist, Rosemarie, proudly accepts who she is. She doesn’t want to share anything with anyone. Rosemarie equated herself with Veruca Salt from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the little girl that stepped all over the world to get what she wanted.

Rosemarie said she will go the extra mile to get what she wants. She feels entitled and grew up an only child. She has mirrors all over her home. When Dr Phil’s staff asked her for pictures of her family, she sent them pictures of herself.


Rosemarie is engaged to Brian, but she knows she is making him miserable. She doesn’t let him see his kids and makes him focus all his energy on her. It’s unclear why Rosemarie has come to Dr Phil, because she really loves the way she is. She doesn’t want to change for anyone, but is feeling torn about her love for Brian.

Dr Phil: Rosemarie Obsessed With Herself & Hurting Spineless Fiancé

Rosemarie is obsessed with taking pictures of herself and sent them all to Dr Phil.


Dr Phil: Romance & Narcissism

Brian and Rosemarie met in kindergarten and went to school together all through high school. He was sweet on her, but never made a move. When they reconnected he noticed how she kept looking in the mirrors around her.

Rosemarie even goes so far as to look into Dr Phil’s eyes just to see her reflection. Dr Phil told her that the way she treats Brian isn’t right. No man with a spine would stay with her, he said.

Dr Phil: Rosemarie Arrested

Rosemarie was arrested when she stole a credit card from her co-worker. She made multiple charges on the card for shoes, clothes and hair products. She charged $3,509 and only felt bad that she got caught.

She has a big fear of being alone forever. She loves Brian, but knows that things can’t continue that way because she is hurting.


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