Dr Phil: Rebuilding Molly’s Self-Esteem & Her Need To Protect Her Boss


Dr Phil: Molly’s Partner In Crime

Dr Phil: Rebuilding Molly's Self-Esteem & Her Need To Protect Her Boss

Molly said she wishes she hadn’t been so vulnerable when she met the man that created the escort business.

Molly was recently arrested for selling her body as an escort. She said she knew it was morally wrong but didn’t see anything disgusting with the act. She met her partner at a party and he came up with the idea to start the escort business.


Kathy, Molly’s mother, tracked her phone and then called the police when she got to a motel. The police arrested Molly and her partner. Kathy put a restraining order against Molly’s partner, but he has violated the restraining order twice since. Molly has found ways to contact him, either by phone, mail or meeting with him.

Molly told Dr Phil she didn’t want to let go of her partner. Amanda T. told Molly that she felt the same way about her boss. She said that contacting him and protecting him feels natural, but it is not right. You may believe there is loyalty and that they love you. What he did to Molly wasn’t love and it only messed with her head.

“You’re killing yourself, you’re killing your family and you’re killing your future,” Amanda T. told Molly.


Dr Phil: Building Up Molly’s Self-Esteem

Dr Phil believes the reason Molly still wants to protect her partner was because she doesn’t value herself. She has little to no self-esteem. Someone that cares about you wouldn’t send you into a hotel room to do those kinds of things, he told Molly. No one who cares would do that.

Molly’s father Mark did not punish Molly for what she did, but wants to help her. He said Dr. Phil really nailed it when he talked about Molly’s self-esteem. Mark believes that Molly is trapped in a mental prison and nightmare. He and Dr Phil agreed to create a master plan to get Molly back.

Dr Phil asked Molly what would make her happy. She said that everyone at home knows she was an escort. She wishes they would stop giving her looks and treating her differently. She wishes she hadn’t been so vulnerable.


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