Dr Phil Reason Not to Get Married & Setting Bad Ultimatums With Family


Dr Phil: What to Do Before Marriage

Carol can’t stand that her precious son is marrying Beth. She’s called Beth every mean name under the sun and caught her in lies coming and going. Beth and Christian maintain that they want to marry each other, but Carol could still drive a wedge between them.

Beth has a lot of excuses, which should concern Christian. I think that she does care about herself and her relationships. She’s older now and worked pretty hard with this relationship.


Before Beth marries Christian, Dr Phil wants her to do an autopsy of every failed relationship she has had. She needs to take a hard, long look at everything she has done wrong – from her choices in the relationship to what she has said to make things go sour. Beth agreed wholeheartedly.

“You’re marrying someone that does not have a good marriage track record,” Dr Phil told Christian.

“And I asked you why you thought this one would work,” his mother interjected. Dr Phil patted her on the hand and politely told her to shut it. It’s no secret that Carol comes across very crazy.


Setting Bad Ultimatums in Your Relationship

Dr Phil Reason Not to Get Married & Setting Bad Ultimatums With Family

Dr Phil said that before you get married you need to examine your past relationships, why they didn’t work out, and don’t set bad ultimatums.

Beth gave Christian an ultimatum. Even though she agrees to go to counseling and look at her failed relationships, she can only take so much. Even for the man she loves.

“I virtually told him that if I have to continue to put up with her, I won’t,” Beth said. “If she continues butting in, I’m out. I won’t marry him.”

That sounds like someone that’s ready for marriage. I mean, divorce.

Carol still does not think that Christian should get married. She claimed she hasn’t given Christian ultimatums, but she has threatened to write her son out of the will. Carol doesn’t want Beth getting her grubby hands on her goods.

Dr Phil: Mother-In-Law Wedding Plans

The one thing Carol agrees to do is to butt out of the wedding. She will stick to herself and come to the ceremony. She won’t raise her rap sheet during the part about objections. Carol agreed to come, be supportive and go home. Christian said this was a new development.

“Your goal needs to be that he understands your concerns, not that he agrees with it,” Dr Phil told Carol. He said that it’s Christian’s life and his consequences.
“He wouldn’t be much of a man if he let his mother decide these things,” Dr Phil reminded her.

Beth said she would never want to drive a wedge between mother and son. Dr Phil said that would be the worst thing that she could do. Christian said that Beth is constantly reminding him to call his mother. He also told Beth that she needs to get informed about her cancer, if she has cancer.


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