Dr Phil: Past Abuse Created Narcissistic Mindset & Corinne Gets Help


Dr Phil: Corinne the Narcissist

Dr Phil tried to help Corinne, a huge narcissist. Corinne is unapologetically obsessed with herself. She knows that people don’t like it, but she doesn’t care.

So far, Corinne has confessed to loving herself above all else. She opened up about having seven abortions. Corinne didn’t thinks she could raise a baby so she terminated seven pregnancies. Her mother, Seanna, was not happy about her decision and feels like she failed as a mother.


Dr Phil: Past Abuse Created Narcissistic Mindset & Corinne Gets Help

Dr Phil hoped to help Corinne deal with her past to heal her narcissistic behavior.

Dr Phil: Corinne Abused As a Child

Corinne was abused as a child by her grandfather. He went to jail for his actions and Seanna told him he could die in prison. The grandfather died in prison and turned down parole twice because of his guilt.

Now Corinne said she cannot trust anyone. She can’t get close to people because she is afraid of being taken advantage of or hurt.


Dr Phil: Getting Help For Abuse

“This was a mistake,” Corinne told Seanna.

Corinne still listened to Dr Phil while he explained that she deserved to get help. As a child, Corinne did not get help after being abused.

She said it is now hard to get out of the cycle she is trapped in. The only thing that makes her feel better is her dog. Dr Phil believes that Corinne has the resources and the will to get better. The narcissism is just a side effect of the hurt. He offered her help in her area after the taping, which Corinne accepted.

Dr Phil explained that it is time for her to be selfish for herself. It’s not too late for her to get it right. Corinne said that she isn’t a fan of how she comes across on TV so she’s dropped her dreams of reality television now.

“If you don’t like the wrapper, then you need to like what’s inside it,” Dr Phil advised Corinne.


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