Dr Phil: Online Shaming, Provocative Attire & Judging Appearances


Dr Phil: Online Shaming

Dr Phil continued his discussion of online shaming of women based on how they dress. While some are just expressing their opinions, others are taking it further, attacking those who choose to express themselves in this fashion.

Dr Phil: Laci Green YouTube

YouTube star Laci Green said this trend of shaming is a double standard that casts women in a negative light, while there are no rules for men. She explained that society has evolved beyond waiting until marriage, but girls still face scrutiny in modern times. Watch Laci’s take.


“For women, promiscuity is considered a stupid decision. But when you make bad decisions, you pay the consequences, like losing everyone’s respect…. But for dudes, promiscuity’s not a bad decision. Promiscuity is a very good decision,” Laci said.

Dr Phil: Laci Green Shaming

Dr Phil: Online Shaming, Provocative Attire & Judging Appearances

Dr Phil discussed online shaming with a blogger, a YouTube personality, and a bullying victim. Why is it OK to judge women based on their outfits?


Laci joined Dr Phil’s conversation with Jason. She reiterated her opinion that this is a harmful trend designed to “keep women in their place.”

Dr Phil said that he feels this is a combination of censorship and bullying. “You’re going to decide what somebody should wear and how somebody should behave? Why should you be in charge of that? Who cares what you think?”

Dr Phil: Women Asking For It?

Jason claimed he is not telling people what they should wear. But Dr Phil reminded him that he said dressing a certain way is “asking for it.” Laci pointed out that talking equating attire and assault against women is talking about two different subjects.

Dr Phil: Provocative Attire

Dr Phil’s next guest,Trisha, said she is picked on by women for how she dresses. She is blonde, tan, and has a large bust. She said she feels that insults are thrown around a lot more casually these days, and the insults mostly come from women.

She said she cannot figure out exactly why she is a target for other women, but she thinks that certain derogatory terms should be stricken from our vocabulary.

Dr Phil: High School Bullying

Trisha said that she has been a target for others since high school, but most of her bullies these days are online, like Jason. She pointed out that he is less aggressive in person because he does not have a computer to hide behind.

Jason said he could not say what he thought of Trisha and whether he would shame her on his website, because he does not know her personally.

Dr Phil: Judging Appearances

What would Jason’s reaction be if he came across Trisha’s photo online? He admitted that he would consider her a loose woman based on what he has seen of her so far. She said she is no longer a party girl, and she does not think it should matter to men or women what other people choose to do in their personal lives.

Dr Phil asked why he thought Trisha was a loose woman. “She’s wearing the uniform…to get attention,” Jason said. Trisha said she was a tomboy growing up, and now she is proud to show off her feminine figure.

Dr Phil: Snap Judgements

Laci Green chimed in and said it does not matter why someone dresses a certain way, whether it is to get attention or not. She said she thinks everyone should dress however they want without being judged.

She said we should be looking at the motives behind those who are so quick to judge other people. Jason and Laci were not seeing eye to eye, and Trisha added that she is far from loose; she has not been with anyone in three years.

“You don’t know me, so why say those words?” Trisha asked. She wondered what the effect would be on someone who had low self esteem.


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