Dr Phil November 14 2012 – Tim Nearly Kills His Girlfriend Brittany


Dr Phil November 14 2012

Dr Phil November 14 2012 has a couple that need some major help. Tim is constantly beating his girlfriend and Dr. Phil thinks he may kill her very soon. And his girlfriend Brittany will not leave Tim, even for the safety of her daughter.

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Dr Phil “Did You Kill Brittany” Video & Psychiatrist Said It’s All Her

Dr Phil November 14 2012 - Tim Nearly Kills His Girlfriend Brittany

Dr Phil November 14 2012 talks with a couple who are having major issues. Brittany & daughter are nearly killed several times by her abusive boyfriend Tim.



  1. Cheryl says

    Beautiful staged pictures set up between Brittany and Tim. It’s not that I don’t believe he abused her, it’s that I believe you cast a shine on it and let the abuse bloom. You pitied Tim as he sat there and could not answer questions. He is a very clean cut good looking guy which adds to all his smoke and mirrors. You don’t see a killer, your arrogance prevents it. He may kill tomorrow.

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