Dr Phil: Neurological Storm Blackouts and Dallas P&P Center Treatment


Dr Phil: Enabling Adult Tantrums

Dr Phil continued talking with Stephen, who throws adult temper tantrums, and his family, who are afraid for their safety. Dr Phil thinks that Stephen might have neurological storm blackouts.

Dr Phil: Neurological Storm Blackouts and Dallas P&P Center Treatment

Dr Phil wondered whether Stephen is experiencing neurological storm blackouts and if he would like to accept help from the P&P Center in Dallas, Texas.


  1. Jonathan McCrensky says

    Our son Chad has many of the same traits Steven displayed…tantrums, threats, holes in walls and broken “things”. He is 28 and adopted. Showed early signs of ADD and received Ritilan for treatment. In addition to being bi-polar
    chad displays trembling hands & alcoholism. He has two DUI’s, no license to drive, guilty of abuse to his girl friend and is desperately stuck at home without any way to get out except to the supermarket with me once a day. We are seniors, both in our 70’s and need help. We cannot afford the type of medical assistance we feel he needs. We are afraid he will kill himself. He is very intelligent, has total recall of everything he hears, has a flair for being a chef and is so bored that he drinks himself into a stupor. Dr Phil nailed my reason for not evicting him…it’s because of my feelings of him being unable to take care of himself and the thought of him under a bridge is too much for me to deal with. We need some kind of scholarship to get Chad into the care he needs. Please…help us.

  2. Trish says

    I need more information on the P & P center in Texas. My son desperately needs to be diagnosed. He went from a top of the world college athlete to a broken shell of a young man. His problems are destroying our family and we need help. He thinks he has depersonalization disorder but I think it goes beyond that. I am afraid for his sanity and our family.

  3. Kathy Morgan says

    I see the PNP center on Dr Phil all the time and I would love to bring my husband there for a work up. I was wondering if you have to be referred and will the diagnostic things be covered by a person’s insurance?

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