Dr Phil: Move Past Obsession, Get Over a Breakup & Focus On Yourself


Dr Phil: Victoria’s Obsession

Victoria has been trying to deal with her obsession during this episode. She thinks she cannot live without her ex-boyfriend, Nathan, but he is manipulative. Their relationship was rocky and he ended it in December. Since they broke up she has texted him 1,000 times a day and called him 200 times a day. She feels like this is her life and sees no other future than with Nathan. Victoria has faced Nathan and realized that she isn’t in love with him like she thought.

Dr Phil: When Will It Stop?

Dr Phil: Move Past Obsession, Get Over a Breakup & Focus On Yourself

Dr Phil told Victoria that her obsession with Nathan will stop when she focuses on herself.


Victoria asked Dr Phil if she would ever stop feeling this way. She wants to stop texting and calling him. She wants her life back.

“It will stop with you decide that you want it to stop,” Dr Phil told her.

When Victoria finally stops caring about Nathan over herself she will stop texting him. She needs to come to terms with the fact that Nathan is not the guy for her. He has a troubled past and Victoria could have a bright future if she gets help. Nathan isn’t going to fix her life.


Dr Phil: Stepmom Margo Wants To Help Victoria

Dr Phil believes the way Victoria acts is because her mother left her as a child and isn’t in her life now. She kicked her out because she didn’t want to deal with her breakup with Nathan. Victoria’s father wasn’t around when she was little but he wants to be there for her now. Her stepmother Margo also wants to help.

Margo told Victoria that she is acting like a two-year-old. She’s stuck in the hard time of hurt and Margo wants to help Victoria grow into a woman. Victoria doesn’t need to find another man to fill the void, she needs to find herself.

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

Dr Phil reminded us that it’s okay to feel lost, sad and angry after a breakup. It becomes a problem when you feel yourself spiraling. You should reach out to family to pull you back from the edge. It is a grieving process, but you will get over a breakup.


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