Dr. Phil: Johnna Paid Her Son’s Court Costs & Did His Job Applications


How Johnna Enables Chase: Court Costs & Child Support

Johnna’s enabling of her son is even worse than it initially seemed. Chase was once arrested, and Johnna did the paperwork, paid the court cost, got it expunged from the record, and even handled his probation, all while he did nothing.


Dr. Phil: Johnna Has Done Over 1,000 Job Applications For Chase

Dr. Phil: Johnna Paid Her Son's Court Costs & Did His Job Applicatoins

Johnna is so bad an enabler that she actually paid her son’s court costs.

On top of the arrest, Chase has never worked more than 20 hours a week in his life, and there is probably a reason (not a good one) for that. Chase doesn’t ever know how to apply for a job. Recently, Johnna has applied for over 500 jobs for Chase. Not only did Chase not apply for any jobs during that time, but he also turned down all four of the job offers he got as a result of Johnna’s hard work.

Johnna even made Chase’s resume. Wow.


Dr. Phil: Johnna Doesn’t Want Her Grandchild To Suffer

Johnna pays Chase’s $5,000 a year in child support because she doesn’t want her grandson to suffer when Chase fails to step up to the plate. However, that number is up in the air, because Johnna just foots the bill and generally doesn’t have all that good of an idea of just how much she dishes out.

Dr. Phil didn’t much care to hear the reasons behind what Johnna does, and had quite a big problem with it either way.

Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil Tells Johnna To Stop Enabling Chase

Dr. Phil says that Johnna couldn’t hinder Chase’s development if she hit him in the knee with a bat. Developing children transition into adulthood by seeing themselves master their environment, and by doing everything for Chase to make herself feel better (Dr. Phil does not think she is helping Chase at all), she is ultimately preventing Chase from doing this.

The good news, though,  is that it is not too late for Chase.


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