Dr Phil: Jodi Conquers Her Fear Of Bridges With Relaxation Techniques


Dr Phil: Conquering Fears

Dr Phil: Jodi Conquers Her Fear Of Bridges With Relaxation Techniques

Jodi conquered her fear of bridges with the help of Dr. Frank Lawlis.

Jodi’s fear of flying and heights has her trapped. She can’t travel, drive over bridges or go outside her small area. Her sister said Jodi’s travel radius is shrinking and her husband said it’s affecting their marriage. Dr. Phil enlisted Dr. Frank Lawlis to help Jodi calm down.


Dr Phil: Jodi’s Fear Of Heights

Jodi said that her fears have affected her for over 30 years. She had to give up an NCAA softball scholarship she had worked hard for and then a six-figure salary that required her to travel. She said it started when she was young. She fell as a child and then was trapped on a ski lift at the Iowa State Fair. She now has a generalized anxiety that is getting worse every week.

Dr Phil: Fears Affecting Jodi’s Family

Jodi’s fears are affecting her marriage and her eight-year-old daughter. Chad said his wife is unable to take family trips to ski and snowboard, something he loves to do. He wants to share snowboarding with his daughter, but Jodi refuses to go.


Jodi is also discouraging her daughter from getting into competitive dancing. It requires them to fly to competitions and Jodi would rather she do a local sport because of her fears. Charlee is very passionate about dancing and Jodi feels guilty about keeping her from that.

Dr Phil: Relaxation Techniques

Dr Lawlis gave Jodi relaxation techniques and attempted to reprogram her brain. He gave her a relaxation CD he wants her to listen to at least 100 times. They made her drive over a bridge before the relaxation therapy and she was shaking, crying and sweating.

Three hours later, Jodi crossed the bridge again. Dr. Lawlis made her breathe through her entire body, feet to head. She then released the bad energy through her eyes. It was all about creating a voluntary state of relaxation. He had her laugh at the bridge and get rid of her fears.

Dr Phil: Ways To Identify Fears

A phobia is a persistent and recurring fear of a particular situation that poses little or no danger to yourself. You know there is no danger, but you can’t help but be afraid. Dr. Phil said you need to look at if something disrupts your life, mentally, emotionally, socially and professionally. Does it create uncomfortable involuntary reactions? Does it block the attainment of goals? Does it drain your life energy?

Dr Phil promised Jodi she could get her life back and stay in contact with Dr. Lawlis until she is cured.


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