Dr. Phil: Jennifer’s Daughter Sleeping With An Older Man & Cohabiting


Dr. Phil: Kayla Was Dating 21-Year-Old Man At 15

Jennifer caugther her daughter sleeping with an older man. Kayla was 15 and he was 21, but when Jennifer found out, no charges were pressed. That relationship has come and gone, but now, she’s living in their house with her 18-year-old boyfriend, whom she also sleeps with…unprotected…while her younger sister is sleeping in the closet. She has actually moved all of her belongings in there so that she can have privacy.

Dr. Phil: Jennifer's Daughter Sleeping With Older Man & Cohabiting

Is Jennifer’s daughter dating an older man?


Jennifer was actually okay with this, as long as the boyfriend had a job and slept in a separate bed. Nothing was said about the first requirement, but the second one has most certainly not been fulfilled. Jennifer and Ralph feel as if his presence is damaging because they are sleeping together, and he is smoking weed.


Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil Tells Kayla To Stop Sleeping With Her Boyfriend Unprotected

Dr. Phil was about ready to explode. He told Kayla to not only stop sleeping with him unprotected, but also to stop sleeping with him while her sister was in the room. She needed to respect herself enough to tell her boyfriend that her body is not his playground. Apparently, Kayla said she let him do it because he is on an antidepressant that makes him less like to produce seeds. That sounds much more effective than a good old Trojan. Maybe they just like living on the edge, who knows?


After tearing into Kalya, he turned to the parents, who, at this point, he could not even think of anything to say to them out of utter disbelief. There had now been forest fires, suicide notes written by ten year old kids, the daughter sleeping with an older man, and just plain poor parenting all around. This entire family is the equivalent of a circus straight from hell.



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