Dr Phil: Jared Wants Jason Gone & Dr Phil Explodes “I Am So Done!”


Dr Phil: What Does Jared Want From Chandra?

Jared and Chandra haven’t been married for five years but they fight like a pair of high school teens going through a bad breakup. Dr. Phil has told them that they are not the focus of this situation, and their children are suffering. The kids have expressed how unhappy they are and their parents want to make the homes a calmer place for everyone. Why can’t Jared and Chandra put their words into action?

Dr Phil: Jared Wants Jason Gone & Dr Phil Explodes "I Am So Done!"

Dr Phil told Chandra and Jason that they were acting like children. He told Jared that he shouldn’t alienate the kids from their mother.


Dr Phil: Is Jared Still In Love With Chandra?

Chandra’s affair really hurt Jared. He kicked her out and she went into the arms of another man. Jason thinks that Jared is still in love with Chandra and that’s why he acts the way he does. He believes that Jared has a picture perfect life and refuses to grieve his divorce.

Jared said he does not want to be with Chandra and has no love for her. He just wants Jason to go away so that Chandra can be a proper mother to her kids. It’s clear that Jason will not go away and Jared needs to accept it and focus on something else.

Dr Phil: Alienating Parents

Dr. Phil said that as much as Jared and Jason want to be out of each other’s lives, that isn’t going to happen. Alienating Jared from his kids will only come back to haunt Jason, and vice versa. Jared may feel like he is winning with the court, but it won’t last.


Dr Phil Explodes “I Am So Done”

Dr Phil asked Jared what needs to happen for him to leave Chandra alone and be civil in front of their kids. Chandra and Jason tried to butt in and Dr. Phil exploded at them.

“I am so done!” he yelled before cutting to commercial. He told Chandra and Jason they were infantile and needed to act like adults and stop rolling their eyes.


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