Dr Phil: Jared Needs To Be Hero & Chandra Needs To Listen To the Kids


Dr Phil: Chandra & Jason’s Messy Divorce & Custody Battle

Chandra and Jared have been arguing about their kids and the emotional abuse in their relationship. They’ve been divorced for five years and Chandra is now remarried. Dr Phil is about done battling with these people. He cut them off, went to a commercial and told them to shut it. He came back from an epic explosion to ask Jared what his terms of agreement are for their relationship.

Jared said that 90% of the conflict is Jason, Chandra’s new husband. He obviously wants Jason gone and wants Chandra to focus on their children. He wants Chandra to do better at home and then he will be civil in public.


Dr Phil: Jared Needs To Be Hero & Chandra Needs To Listen To the Kids

Dr Phil told Jared to be the hero in the situation, and Chandra needs to listen to the kids.

Dr Phil: The Hero In the Situation

Dr. Phil does not believe that Jason is abusive. He’s heard both sides of the story and talked with him for the hour. In his professional opinion, Jason is fairly harmless. He thinks that Jared can’t control how Chandra is at home. If there is a problem, the courts will make an ultimate decision.

Jared said the kids will come to him after staying with their mother and say how much they hate it and hate Jason. Dr. Phil reminded him multiple times that his job is to take the kids to someone that can listen to those allegations. Other than that, Jared needs to butt out. That’s how he can be a hero for his kids.


Dr Phil: Chandra & Jason’s Side

Dr Phil refused to let Chandra or Jason talk. He cut them off and sent us to commercials anytime they opened their mouths. He warned them that if there are problems in their home the courts will handle it. If things get bad enough, the courts will take the kids away. No one really wants that, so they need to figure something out.

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

For all parents that are going through divorce, Dr. Phil reminded us that feelings are powerful. It’s easy to get emotionally invested. You need to step back and remember that your kids need peace and security. Don’t be a Chandra and Jared.


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