Dr Phil: How To Spot Problem Teens & Pageant Princess Gets Off Drugs


Dr Phil: Reality Teen Princess Arrested

Alicia Guastaferro was on Wife Swap with her family when she was a teenager. They painted her like a spoiled teen and changed her life forever. At 21, Alicia was charged with possession of a controlled substance, prostitution and criminal impersonation for having a fake ID. She asked Dr Phil how she can turn her life around.

Dr Phil said that Alicia is being used by BAITERS. They find you and use you with Evil 8 characteristics.


Dr Phil: How To Spot Problem Teens & Pageant Princess Gets Off Drugs

Alicia Guastaferro, a pageant princess and Wife Swap-alum, got help from Dr Phil for her drug problems. How do you spot problems with your teens?

  1. Arrogant Entitlement
  2. Lack Empathy
  3. No Remorse/Guilt
  4. Irresponsible/Self-Destructive
  5. Thrive on Drama
  6. Brag About Outsmarting
  7. Short-Term Relationships
  8. Fantasy World/Delusional

They don’t care if they ruin your life and really build off of that drama. BAITERS could be anyone, even your family. He told Alicia Guastaferro that she’s talked about being victimized, but she needs to be “victim-wise.”

Dr Phil: From Victimized To Victim-Wise

She was made fun of early in life and hasn’t had good relationships. Her parents have been in trouble with the law and are making bad decisions. That includes driving her to work at the gentleman’s club and burdening her with providing the money.


“You should say, ‘We will live in a box under a bridge before I make you go in there and demean yourself in front of a bunch of drunk, slobbering men in order to live in this house.'”

He assured Alicia that her mom loves her, but she needs to stop being used. She was 15 when the bad stuff happened and she’s now 21. Alicia could take the power back by owning her decisions and being an accountable adult. It’s time to make better choices.

Dr Phil Helps Pageant Princess Get Off Drugs

The medicines worry Dr Phil. He is going to give her a proper and skilled psycho-neurologist. He suspects that she doesn’t need to be on any of them, but she needs to wean herself off of them. Once she has gotten off of them, she will get proper tools to gain coping skills and move forward.

“You are way better than taking your clothes off for money,” Dr Phil assured Alicia.

Dr Phil’s Top Signs That Teens Are In Trouble

  • Child starts to isolate from the family. That’s the home base and that’s a warning sign. 
  • An extreme, enduring shift in mood.
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol. This could be them self-medicating.
  • Taking unusual risks. They may not have a regard for their own well being and safety.


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