Dr. Phil: When Georgia Smiled Review & Domestic Violence Survivors


Dr. Phil: Domestic Violence

Dr. Phil sat down with Margaret from Laura’s House after his show showed the video of Robin going to visit Laura’s House in a special spotlight on the domestic violence shelter. The shelter helps women and children leave abusive situations.

Dr. Phil: When Georgia Smiled Review

Dr. Phil: When Georgia Smiled Review & Domestic Violence Survivors

Robin McGraw talked about her foundation to end domestic violence called When Georgia Smiled and surprised Laura’s House with a special grant to help them start a legal advocacy program for their clients. (rnl / Shutterstock.com)


Robin McGraw also talked about her foundation When Georgia Smiled, which is dedicated to helping women and children in abusive situations. She named the foundation after her mother because her mom is a strong woman. Her mom didn’t suffer from domestic violence, but Robin drew a lot of strength from her mother’s smile.

She also said that Dr. Phil’s show over the past 12 years has shown a lot of women in domestic violence situations. Robin said that the voices of those women inspired her to make When Georgia Smiled and focus on domestic violence.

Margaret started out as a volunteer at Laura’s House and now she’s the Executive Director. Robin said it was wonderful to hear that.


Dr. Phil: Advocacy For Domestic Violence Survivors

Dr. Phil also had Adam Dodge on, a legal advocate for Laura’s House that’s working toward a legal advocacy program for the shelter’s clients. He said that women in these situations need protection under the law to keep them safe, to keep their abuser away, and to keep their children safe. That protection is available under restraining orders, which is what Adam works to help them do.

Dr. Phil: Surprise For Laura’s House

Robin McGraw and her foundation When Georgia Smiled then gave Laura’s House a grant for $50,000 to help them create their legal advocacy program and continue to help those women and children escape abuse.

Margaret said that this would make a big difference. “We know it takes tremendous courage to leave a domestic violence situation. You’re going to help a lot more people¬†do that,” Margaret said.

Robin McGraw has a lifestyle brand called Robin McGraw Revelation. 100 percent of the proceeds from her Averylasting Love Lip Gloss go toward helping women and children in domestic violence situations and funds grants like the one she gave Laura’s House today.


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