Dr Phil: Frank’s Polygraph Results & Sunny Hostin’s CNN Legal Advice


Dr Phil: Frank’s Plan Of Action

Dr Phil: Frank's Polygraph Results & Sunny Hostin's CNN Legal Advice

Frank told Dr Phil that he has no trust in the judicial system.

Frank is a wanted man on the run. He violated his probation multiple times but blames the system for his problems. He is not allowed to be around minors unsupervised or to coach teams. He coached his son’s basketball team and has been alone with teens and his children. He said that his probation officer said it was acceptable for him to do so, but he never got written proof from her.


He is now running from the police and has no plans to return and turn himself in. Dr Phil told him he was in direct violation of his probation. Even though he filed a motion to modify the orders, it didn’t go through in time.

Dr Phil: Frank’s Polygraph

As for the accusations against Frank that started all of this, he was able to produce a polygraph. The polygraph was indicative of non-deception. He was telling the truth when he said he never had a physical relationship with the girl.


Dr Phil: Sunny Hostin CNN Legal Analyst

Sunny Hostin is a CNN legal analyst. She gave Frank legal advice about his situation. She said his case was unusual and she’s concerned about how he was treated. She thinks his best move would be to turn himself in. Being on the run is a separate offense and he could face five years in prison.

She’s concerned about why, after losing his teaching license and going to jail, he would violate his probation so quickly. Sunny promised him representation if he turned himself in, which Dr Phil said was a great gift. Frank said he understood and would think about it. After all this time, he said he doesn’t trust women or prosecutors. He told Dr Phil that he would think about turning himself in, but at this point he is prepared to continue running.


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