Dr. Phil: Father Shoots Dog 15 Times In Front Of His 5-Year-Old Son


Dr. Phil: Father Makes Daughter Lick Bathroom Floor

Dr. Phil has been talking to Matt and Mindy all hour, who have several children together. Matt admited, “When I was married to Mindy, my manner of discipline and trying to teach the kids what was wrong could be considered demeaning.”

Mindy gave an example of a time when their 15-year-old son had left his clothes on the floor and Matt pulled him out of the shower and proceeded to spank him, right there, in his state of undress. There was another time when he told his daughter to lick the floor around the toilet to show that the bathroom was clean.


Dr. Phil: Father Gives 5-Year-Old A Knife And Tells Him To Kill Himself

Dr. Phil: Father Shoots Dog 15 Times In Front Of His 5-Year-Old Son

Dr. Phil talked to a father who gave his 5-year-old son a knife when the kid said he wanted to die. (pukach / Shutterstock.com)

Another time, when their son was 5, he was in a lot of pain from kidney stones. The son begged to die, so Matt took a kitchen knife and gave it to his son and told him if he wanted to die, then he needed to push it into his chest.

Dr. Phil: Father Shoots Dog 15 Times In Front Of His 5-Year-Old Son

There was another time that was so heinous, many members of the audience started crying. The family dog ran across the street and knocked over their small daughter and attacked the neighbor dog and nearly killed it. “I felt that my family was in danger and that the dog needed to be put down, so I took the dog along with my son who had requested to go out into the desert to put her down,” Matt explained.


Matt shot the dog 15 times in front of his young son, who was 5 at the time. He unloaded one magazine, then ran back to his truck and grabbed another magazine and unloaded that one, as well.

“He gave my son the shovel and told him to bury her. My son told me that he had to collect some pieces of her to put in the hole. My son described vividly how Crystal was crawling on the ground, whimpering. And he would just say, ‘Mom, I couldn’t save her. I couldn’t save her,'” Mindy said.

“I know the event traumatized my son a little bit. But I feel that Mindy has, through her manipulative ways, sensationalized it,” Matt said.

Dr. Phil: Abusive Father Shoot Dog

Dr. Phil said he wanted to know where Matt’s moral compass was in shooting the dog in front of his son. Matt said he came from a ranching family. “Yeah, I’m a Texas boy, and there’s no theory under which that’s good parenting,” Dr. Phil said.

Matt said that his son wanted to go. He also said he thought it was a bad decision. When Dr. Phil asked why, Matt said that it was damaging to his son to see his pet die. He said this in a way that felt like he was reading from a script, like he didn’t really feel it but he knew he should say it.

Dr. Phil: Father Abuses Children

Matt said he gave his 5-year-old son a knife and told him to kill himself because he was “trying to assess whether or not he was actually serious.” Matt said he wouldn’t have really let him do it.

“But that seemed like a reasonable way to demonstrate that he in fact had a will to live and was being overdramtic?” Dr. Phil said.

“At the time, yes,” Matt said. Matt later clarified that now, he thinks what he did was “deplorable.”


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