Dr. Phil: Doug Perry Prayed That God Would Kill Everyone On the Planet


Dr. Phil: Matt O’Connor Believes That James’ Children Are In Danger

Matt O’Connor thought that James’ children are in the equivalent of a homeless shelter at the Fellowship Of The Martyr’s (FOTM) headquarters, and that they need to get them out of there. James listed off many instances where he thought his children were in danger living on the compound. He said they were in dangerous conditions that ranged from having Oklahoma Bombing suspect, Greg Weilder on the premises, to verbal abuse, to Jennifer inviting just about anyone from the compound to sleep in her home without regard for the children’s safety.


Jennifer got very defensive, talking over Dr. Phil as he read off every instance where James felt she put their children in harm’s way. She also attacked Matt O’Connor because she didn’t think he really had James’ best interest at heart.

Dr. Phil: Greg Weiler Manipulated By FOTM?

Dr. Phil: Doug Perry Prayed That God Would Kill Everyone On the Planet

Doug Perry prayed that God would kill everyone on the planet?

FOTM appears to have spawned a criminal. In October 2012, Greg Weiler was arrested for planning to destroy 48 churches across the US, and had all the materials necessary to do so. He ended up in prison for his plot, and this led many to believe that FOTM could potentially cause more people to become violent.


Doug Perry denied that he had anything to do with Greg Weiler’s trip and that it was not FOTM that told him to do it, but feels that the idea was spawned by a demon.

Greg Weiler’s family would not come on the show because they felt they were in danger doing so, but they sent in a videotape that essentially said that Doug’s organization is a cult that may come together and end up costing people their lives.

Dr. Phil: Rick Ross Attacks FOTM

Rick Ross, founder and executive director of the Rick A. Ross Institute and an expert on cults and other controversial groups, was on the show and wasted no time in condemning Doug Perry and FOTM. He says that Doug is not taking responsibility for the people’s lives he’s harmed, or the fact that he has, in fact, become a puppet master for Jennifer.

Though Rick asked for specific examples from Jennifer where she thought Doug was wrong and for three examples from Doug where he took responsibility for the people in his ministry, they would not oblige. They said that yes, there were plenty of examples, but insisted that they didn’t have to answer to him at all, which was exactly what they should of done representing themselves on national television.

Dr. Phil: Doug Perry Prayed That God Would Kill Everyone On The Planet

Dr. Phil asked Doug Perry if he thought that people could genuinely have other mental illnesses outside of being inflicted with demons, and he said yes. When Dr. Phil asked if he thought Greg Weiler should have sought treatment outside of FOTM to get help, he didn’t have a clear answer. He said that all he can do is love him.

Before he was done speaking, Doug had something that he wanted people to know about FOTM. He talked about the food pantry he runs that feeds thousands of homeless people, and the ultimate good that they do.

Despite these deeds, though, there was something that Dr. Phil could not abide: the fact that Doug Perry took to one of his internet sermons to announce that he prayed that God would kill everyone one the planet. We’ll just leave you with that.



  1. Matthew Diaz says

    I spoke out against Doug Perry and his cult on youtube about 4 years ago. At the time he believed in something called spiritual marriages which basically allowed for one to get “married” over and over again based on what “God” told you who to be with. Doug is dangerous for sure. As far as the praying about God killing everyone, it is clear he meant killing the person’s lusts, the flesh, what the Bible calls the self. Although I don’t agree with his choice of how to communicate that point, the show clearly took what he said out of context.

  2. Matthew Diaz says

    Correcting myself, the Bible calls the self the flesh, not the flesh the self. The flesh in accordance with Bible teaching is our sinful natures, our lust to sin.

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