Dr Phil: Did Scott & Ashley Have An Affair & Is Ashley Pregnant?


Dr. Phil: Did Scott & Ashley Have an Affair?

Despite the fact that Scott left his wife, Melinda, for another woman, was it actually an affair? While the family’s 10 children worked towards repairing their relationships with each other, Dr. Phil tried to figure out whether or not any real cheating occurred. Did Scott & Ashley have an affair?

Despite his children’s claims, Scott and Ashley insisted that they did not have an affair. Scott stood by his story that he and Ashley only commenced a physical relationship after he left the house. In fact, Ashley believes that it was Melinda who pushed her and Scott together in the first place.


However, neither Whitney nor Chase believed this story. They immediately began yelling at their father, whom they now call only by his first name. Chase said that Ashley called him personally and detailed their affair, while Whitney said that she saw her father and Ashley kissing and holding hands before he left her mother.

Still, Ashley refuted these claims. “I never called Chase,” she said. Scott added that he and Ashley “were never intimate until after I left,” and suggested that his children were lying.


Dr. Phil: Does Scott Feel Connected To His Kids?

Dr Phil: Did Scott & Ashley Have An Affair & Is Ashley Pregnant?

Did Scott and Ashley have an affair? Find out why Ashley claims Scott’s children are lying.

Dr. Phil later brought up Scott’s younger children, who have already spoken out against him. When Dr. Phil said, “you have six small children at home,” Scott corrected, “I don’t, she does,” and gestured towards his ex-wife. Sadly, Scott claims he doesn’t feel a connection to his younger children, because he “has to live his life.”

Dr. Phil: Ashley Is Pregnant

Scott and Ashley are now married, and surprisingly revealed that they are about to begin a family of their own. Ashley is currently pregnant, and while Melinda doesn’t care, the children were obviously upset by this news.

“There is so much bitterness here,” Dr. Phil said. However, he does still hope that the family can resolve their problems. “The first house you have to clean is your own,” he advised. Bitterness is painful, but it’s especially painful for yourself. The best thing is to let it all go.

He offered the family “an army of family therapists” for anyone who’s willing to participate in counseling. What do you think? Will this family finally be able to heal? Or are they broken beyond repair?


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