Dr Phil: Diagnosing Personality Disorder & Trying To Ruin A Marriage


Dr Phil: Stalker Friend Obsessed

Dr Phil met a former friend obsessed with the relationship and exhibiting stalker behavior. After talking to both Tracy and Jinda, Dr. Phil has come to a possible reason why Jinda is obsessed with Tracy. He’s looked at both sides of this and hopes to get Jinda help and relief.

Dr Phil: Jinda Was Not A Good Friend

Dr Phil: Diagnosing Personality Disorder & Trying To Ruin A Marriage

Dr. Phil said the Jinda could be suffering from a personality disorder. This would explain her obsessive behavior.


Tracy told Dr. Phil that Jinda was never a good friend to her. When Tracy’s daughter was being diagnosed with epilepsy, Jinda wasn’t supportive and changed the subject to a problem she was having. Dr Phil told Jinda that he kept Tracy off stage because it wasn’t healthy for them to be face to face.

Dr Phil: Friend Trying To Ruin A Marriage

Dr. Phil doesn’t think that Jinda and Tracy were ever really friends. He looked at all of the evidence and the aftermath of their relationship and concluded that Jinda just wanted to stir up drama. Jinda admitted to telling her husband that Tracy was having an affair to try and ruin Tracy’s marriage. Dr. Phil thinks she did this to make Tracy come to her for support.

Jinda has a past of relationships like the one she had with Tracy. Dr. Phil noted several past friendships where Jinda was obsessive and stalking. She said that she needs to be loved. She needs the constant texts and messages from her friends to know that she is loved.


Dr Phil: Diagnosing Personality Disorder

Just from the brief time talking with Jinda, Dr. Phil thinks he may know what is causing her behavior. He believes she should get help for personality disorder. There are three types, A, B and C, and Dr. Phil believes that Jinda could have B or C.

A is odd and eccentric disorders. B is dramatic, emotional or erratic behavior. Inside B, Jinda fits histrionic and narcissistic. Histrionic is attention seeking and no boundaries. Narcissistic is the need for attention and lack of concern for others. C is anxious or fearful disorders. Inside C, Dr Phil thinks that Jinda could have dependent disorder because she is dependent on others too much. Dr. Phil could not diagnose Jinda but is going to get her help so that she can get better.

Jinda accepted the help and promised to avoid Tracy until she had professional help.


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