Dr Phil: Dealing With Narcissistic Kids & What Is Rosemarie Afraid Of?


Dr Phil: Rosemarie the Narcissist

Rosemarie is a narcissist and up until this point she was very happy with herself. She’s begun to see how her self-obsessed ways are hurting her family and friends. Rosemarie hopes Dr Phil can help her.

Dr Phil: Dealing With Narcissistic Kids & What Is Rosemarie Afraid Of?

Dr Phil told Rosemarie that her fears were fueling her narcissism.


She has an intense fear of being alone. Rosemarie is engaged to Brian, but she’s been alienating him from his family and friends. She thinks everything should be about her.

Dr Phil: What Is Rosemarie Afraid Of?

Dr Phil asked Rosemarie what it is that makes her feel like people wouldn’t want to be with her. Rosemarie said it’s because she was told she is worthless all her life. Her parents pushed her aside as a kid. They made her feel like she wasn’t good enough and less than a person. She said no one took the time to care for her.

Dr Phil: Getting Brian To Stay

Brian has felt stifled around her and is made to cater to her every whim. Dr Phil said that demanding him to stay with Rosemarie will only push him away. He asked her if she has ever just asked him to stay.


Dr Phil thinks that Rosemarie’s problems are fear-based. She is afraid that if she isn’t in total control, she will fall apart.

Dr Phil: Fixing Narcissistic Children

The selfish traits that Rosemarie has are starting to appear in her nine-year-old daughter. She sees the defiant, outspoken nature and it’s like looking in a mirror. Brian has seen the behavior too and all he hears is “this is my this, this is my that.”

Rosemarie asked Dr Phil what she should do about fixing her daughter’s attitude before it gets too bad. He said that her daughter is taking cues from her mom. He recommended sitting down and watching the episode with her. By confessing her faults and her desire to change she sets a good example for her daughter.


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