Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton’s Son Speaks Out Against Cult Leader Father


Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton’s Son Speaks Out Against His Father

Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton's Son Speaks Out Against Cult Leader Father

Curly Thornton’s son spoke out against his father and apologized to the world on the behalf of his family.

Curly Thornton has a son, but he has never spoken about his father publicly, and he didn’t want to change that today. However, he did make a call to the show anonymously to talk about his father and how he looks at him as nothing but an abusive cult leader.


Curly Thornton’s son first wanted to apologize on behalf of his family for the terrible things that Raylynn and Sunny suffered at the hands of his father. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones that went through this, and many other families have moved on from it with varying levels of success, which was most dependent upon them replacing their negative experiences they had with Curly with positive new ones. He hoped that this would happen with Raylynn and Sunny, as well.

Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton’s Son Helps Raylynn

Curly Thornton’s son said that his father’s teachings stayed very close to the bible while remaining charismatic in the beginning, as the group’s dependence on his increased, so did the radicalness of the teachings. This allowed Culrly Thornton to easily lure people into his scheme without them ever suspecting a thing until it was too late.

Raylynn was helped enormously by hearing Curly’s own son speak out against his own father, because she always cared so much for him. Curly’s son that though she did take part of the blame for what happened, but given the situation that she was in, and the amount of time which she was stuck in the situation for, he understands fully why it played out the way it did.



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