Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton Forced Himself On Sunny Eight Times

Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton Wanted To Sleep With Sunny

Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton Forced Himself On Sunny Eight Times

Curly Thornton forced himself on Sunny eight times, claiming to do it in the named of God.

Raylynn’s blindness to Curly Thornton’s lies ended up putting her daughter in the line of fire when he asked her to remove her daughter Sunny from school so that she could come on the road with the cult. That was when he started to notice her for all the wrong reasons.

Raylynn told Sunny that “Jesus” wanted to see her…in a hotel above a casino in Las Vegas. Sin City seems like the last place on Earth Jesus would be likely to set up camp at, but Raylynn dutifully handed Sunny over to Curly Thornton, who told her that they had to sleep together because God said so. When she protested enough, Curly pretended to hear God telling him they didn’t have to sleep together. However, Sunny was scarred.

Dr. Phil: Sunny Haunted By Abuse

This scenario played out in a matter of seconds, but it has haunted her for years. Though Raylynn was convinced of Curly Thorton’s holiness, Sunny never believed it, and ended up just pretending that she believed he was Jesus because she was worried about her mother far more than she was worried about herself. The feelings of abandonment and helplessness that she felt in that moment stayed with her for years, though.

Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton Forced Himself On Sunny Eight Times

Sunny said she has been holding a secret from her mother for years, and Raylynn said that she needed to hear the whole truth in order to start moving on from this incident.

Sunny had enough, and was getting ready to run away. She began to write a letter about her reasons for leaving to protect her mother, and lied that she was leaving because she was jealous of the attention that Curly Thornton was paying so much attention to her and the other women.

However, the letter was intercepted, and she was brought before Curly, who saw the letter as an invitation to force himself on her. Though Curly never physically abused Sunny, the violation happened eight times, sometimes in the presence of other adults. Curly said that he was going to birth a nation from Sunny’s loins.

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