Dr Phil: Crippling Fear Of Flying & Crossing Bridges Ruins Jodi’s Life


Dr Phil: Paralyzing Fears

People without fears don’t realize how hard it is to live life with fears. They get in the way of a person’s dreams, family and quality of life.

Dr. Phil dedicated this episode to helping four people that have debilitating fears. Royce White wanted to play in the NBA, but his anxiety and fear of flying got in the way of traveling with his teams. He was suspended without pay. Jodi has turned down jobs and doesn’t go on family vacations because she is afraid of heights. Billie couldn’t make it to Dr. Phil because she was afraid of flying in the bad weather. Later in the show, Dr. Phil talked to Royce and another woman with fears of heights.


Dr Phil: Crippling Fear Of Flying & Crossing Bridges Ruins Jodi's Life

Jodi’s fear of flying prevents her from going on family vacations and crossing bridges.

Dr Phil: Jodi’s Fear Of Heights

It took five Xanax pills to get Jodi on a plane. Her fear of heights has gotten worse over the years. She can’t go in elevators, cross bridges or fly. Her family has left her behind on vacations and she doesn’t visit her parents because it requires crossing bridges. She turned down well-paying jobs and earns less than $20,000 a year because she can’t travel outside of her small town.

Jodi’s daughter Charlee has been affected by her mom’s fears. Jodi is discouraging her from joining a competitive dance team because it requires flying to competitions. Charlee wants to go to Disney, but Jodi can’t travel with her. She feels guilty for doing this to her daughter and wants to get over her fears.


Jill, Jodi’s sister, doesn’t understand her fears. She calls her a pansy and thinks that its getting worse. She believes that one day Jodi won’t leave her home because she is so afraid.

Dr Phil: Billie’s Fear Of Heights

While Jodi was able to get on the plane, Billie was not. Her sister called her the night before and said they were all going to die because of the bad weather. Billie couldn’t even step into the airport because she was afraid of what she saw. She called in and said she didn’t want to go up more than one floor.

The Dr. Phil show assured Billie she could do it. Dr. Phil is a pilot and he checked the weather and said it was safe to fly. Billie locked herself in a closet and refused to come out. Dr. Phil said he wouldn’t give up on her and that she would get the help she needs.


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