Dr Phil: Having Children for the Wrong Reasons + Want Him To Fix You


Dr Phil: Coping with Marijuana

Harried husband Chris said that even though they often try to conceive, he feels that they are not intimate and romantic in their marriage. Pregnancy addict Liz severely limits Chris’s drinking, but the couple often fights about his smoking pot, which he said he has to do to cope with the stress of living with her.

Since discovering this in 2011, Liz has felt Chris is lying to her. He refused to take a drug test and punched a door in their house. Chris explained that she has isolated him from his friends and family, and she pushes him away as well. “I’m very lonely,” he admitted in an interview.


Dr Phil: No Respect In Marriage

Chris told Dr Phil he needs to know that Liz respects him and that he or their family makes her happy. Liz lashes out and calls him names when she is upset. She told Dr Phil that Chris is there for her and does a lot.

“I would like to be able to stay at home with the kids,” she said, maybe running her own small business out of the house. She said that she is miserable at her day job, but nothing has changed in four years.

Dr Phil: You Want Him To Fix You

Dr Phil: Having Children for the Wrong Reasons + Want Him To Fix You

Dr Phil told a woman who is addicted to pregnancy and nursing that she is having children for the wrong reasons and that only she can fix her problems. (Brian A Jackson / Shutterstock.com)


“You want him to fix you,” Dr Phil suggested. She claimed she wants more time with the kids, but she admitted she cannot deal with them sometimes because she is exhausted. Liz claimed that she loves being a mother even once her kids are done nursing, even though her behavior suggests otherwise.

Liz was addicted to Cocaine as a teen, and abused drugs and alcohol in the past as coping mechanisms. She admitted to Dr Phil that she is defensive, but claimed that is because she does not like to be vulnerable.

Dr Phil: Co-Sleeping with Children

Pregnancy addicted Liz told Dr Phil’s team that she co-sleeps with her children, and is obsessed with the baby stage, doting on her four children. She said she loves when they are fully dependent on her.

When one of their kids stopped nursing at 18 months and bit her, she felt rejected and was depressed for months. Chris said that Liz blamed him for bottle feeding him.

Back in the studio, Liz asked Dr Phil what she can do to be happy and help the couple’s marriage. Chris’s question was what he can do to cope, but Dr Phil said that he needs to stop enabling her.

“You cannot make her happy,” Dr Phil said, because “happiness comes from the inside out.”

Dr Phil: Having Children for the Wrong Reasons

Dr Phil got real with Liz about his perspective on her situation. “You’re having children for the wrong reasons,” he said. “It’s not their job to make you happy,” which is unfair to that child.

He said that he is not sure whether her diagnoses are correct, but the solution to psychological problems should be psychological. Dr Phil said that whether she has OCD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, none of these will be corrected with pregnancy.

“Stop having babies,” Dr Phil recommended. Chris is resenting the process, even as he is enabling it. He volunteered to get some help for Liz to address the challenges she is struggling with, and Chris agreed to support those efforts.

“Get a backbone,” Dr Phil told Chris. “Don’t cave in to this.”


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