Dr. Phil: Chase Gets Help He Needs To Stop Being A Deadbeat Dad


Dr. Phil: Chase Is A Deadbeat Dad

Ed thought that Chase is a deadbeat dad. Ed and Johnna have both bared witness to Chase verbally and physically abusing his girlfriend, Sydney. The fights only got worse after their son, Noah, was born, and there were a lot of fights that were broken up as Noah was in the background crying. Chase pays no child support to help, and instead spends it on video games. He relies on his mother for child support.

Dr. Phil: Chase Gets Help He Needs To Stop Being A Deadbeat Dad

Chase is finally getting the help he needs to stop being a deadbeat dad.


Chase was very upset about the way Johnna treats his son. He thought that she treat Noah way better than she ever treated him. He thought that all the money that went to Sydney and his son should go to him, instead.

Dr. Phil: Chase’s Girlfriend Holds Two Jobs And Goes To School

Sydney, Chase’s girlfriend, juggles two jobs, school, and motherhood. If she is able to do all of that, she thinks that it is high time Chase man up and get a job. She gets very little from Chase, and this leads to a lot of arguments between them.

Sydney said that Chase subjected her to extreme mental abuse, saying things like “you should go kill yourself,” “you’re so stupid,” “you don’t deserve to breathe,” and she eventually kicked him out and made him move to Texas.


Dr. Phil: Chase Abused Sydney

Sydney made a lot of claims of physical abuse ranging from pulling her off a bed by her feet and out of a car by her hair, all of which Chase either denied or claimed to not remember due to a concussion How could he deny anything if he claimed to not remember anything? Looks like Chase needs to step his lying game up.

Sydney actually corroborated some of Chase’s memory lapses, saying that he gets so mad that he doesn’t remember some of the things he does. Going down a long list of abuse that he subjected her to, Chase denied all of it and called her a liar.

Dr. Phil: Chase Gets Defensive, Then Gets Help

Chase was getting frustrated that everyone was ganging up on him, but Dr. Phil told him that he was not ganging up on him, but ganging up with him. Whether Chase found it easy to believe or  not, he couldn’t be proud where he is at at 23 years of age (he wasn’t).

Dr. Phil didn’t think Chase was a bad guy, but he thought he had serious maturity problems. While Ed was to be left out as a voice of reason for now, Dr. Phil thought that Chase’s girlfriend and mother should be involved in the maturing process, and he agreed.



  1. JRW says

    I agree Chase is a useless piece of meat that should be eliminated if he refuses to become a member of society but what I cannot understand is the pity party for Sydney. She is the one that says she suffered abuse at the hands of that complete deadhead so what is her excuse for continuing to stay with him, have s– with him then HAVE A BABY WITH HIM!!!
    I have been with my share of losers too but I made sure I never brought an innocent baby in the world by a loser to suffer along with me. Then tell anyone that stands still a tale of woe to place the blame on the source of the s—-.

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