Dr. Phil: Chase Gets A Life Coach; How To Negotiate & Life Code


Dr. Phil: Johnna Thinks Chase’s Grandmother Is Toxic

All of use don’t have an easy route to success through life. Johnna went through hell as a child, damaging her ability to be a good parent, and Chase has not been honest enough with himself to go anywhere meaningful in life. Johnna thinks that part of Chase’s problem and hers is Cindy, her mother and Chase’s grandmother. She was always undermining Johnna’s parenting and doesn’t think that she can contribute anything good to Chase’s life. Johnna doesn’t see any hope in the relationship to be anything but toxic, especially since it seems that she is using Chase as a replacement for her dead son.

Dr. Phil: Chase Knows His Grandmother Is Dangerous

Chase is aware of the risks of living with Cindy, and Dr. Phil wants to make sure that Chase is cognizant of the fact that she is mentally ill. This mental instability can make her go to a dark place at any time. Chase needs to forgive his grandma for the wrongdoing she has done, but must also never forget it. If he forgets or denies her condition, Cindy can become toxic in Chase’s life real easy.


Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil Wants To Hit The Reset Button On Chase And Johnna’s Relationship

Dr. Phil: Chase Gets A Life Coach; How To Negotiate & Life Code

Chase and Johnna are taught how to negotiate.

Dr. Phil wants to give Chase and Johnna the chance to hit the reset button on their relationship. Though she provided for Chase materially and lovingly, Johnna has not given Chase anything to prepare him, and she needs to start doing that.

As for Chase, Dr. Phil needs to let Johnna have a relationship with Ed, even though he may not like it at first. As Dr. Phil said, “You are 23 going on 13 with relationships.” He needs to let them have that relationship, because it seems like Ed loves Johnna quite a lot. If these two can learn how to negotiate, they can start becoming a mother and son again.


Dr. Phil: How To Negotiate

To start making these things happen, Dr. Phil cited his new book, Life Code and taught Chase and Johnna how to negotiate. Everything is a negotiation, and some people know it, and some people don’t. It seems that Chase and Johnna have negotiating for years and have gotten nowhere. They have also been negotiating for themselves, and have failed at that. Both have also been negotiating with Ed and failing at that, as well.

Dr. Phil said one way to negotiate is to “out fair” the other person. Figure out what the other person wants, because it is likely that they want different things, meaning that they have to give up very little to make the other one happy.

Dr. Phil: Chase Gets A Life Coach

Dr. Phil is going to hand-pick a life coach for Chase who will set goals academically, mentally, and professionally for him. He is also going to get Chase a personal trainer that is up to date on everything needed to be a firefighter so that Chase can reach that goal. He is doing this to help Chase do a lot of growing up in a short amount of time.

As for what Johnna needs to do, Dr. Phil told her to participate in the therapeutic process that is about to go on in Chase’s life. Once Johnna starts making Chase live a conditional lifestyle, the healing can begin.



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