Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Wants Forgiveness From Her Children And Help From Dr. Phil


Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist’s Children Have Mixed Emotions About Her Return

Brenda Heist’s children greeted the news of the mother coming out of hiding with mixed emotions.  “I want to speak to her eventually, to get answers for myself and have her look me in the eye and tell me to my face why she did this,” said her daughter, Morgan. “I hope she would feel terrible for what she did to the family,” said her son, Lee.

All these years, he daughter wasn’t mad at her, but her heart ached for every year that she wasn’t there because she thought something had happened to her. Now, she regrets feeling sadness at all, which Brenda understands.


She wants her family’s forgiveness and to be able to tell them why she did what she did, but she has to understand it for herself first, and she can’t obtain redemption until she figures it out. Even if she does figure it out and get forgiveness from her family, however, Brenda is not sure she will be able to forgive herself.

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Wants Forgiveness From Her Family

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Wants Forgiveness From Her Children And Help From Dr. Phil

Brenda Heist wants her children to forgive her, and will do whatever it takes to help them do that.


Brenda Heist turned herself in for a reason, and Dr. Phil thinks that, if they are willing, she wants to reconnect with her family and gain their forgiveness, or at least their understanding.

This will be no easy task. With Morgan having gone on the record in telling her mother to “rot in hell,” Brenda will have some anger to wade through. Children blame themselves for a lot of things, including their mother going missing. If she is ever going to be forgiven, she will have to make them understand why she did what she did so that they stop blaming themselves. Brenda said she will do whatever it takes, and just wants to get the help she needs.

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Apologizes And Starts Getting Help

Brenda Heist knows of nothing to say to her children buy “sorry,” and what else could she say? Still having no idea why she ran away, Brenda could only hope to be able to help her children get through their anger. She has missed them and the rest of her family immensely in her absence. She even misses her ex-husband and is happy that he has moved on.

Brenda spent most of the interview in tears, and Dr. Phil wants to relieve her of that pain. Brenda, once again, said that she just wants to get the help she needs to figure out why she made the life choices she did so that she can better explain them to her children.


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