Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Is Reunited With Her Mother After Over A Decade


Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist’s Mother Forgives Her For What She Did

Brenda Heist‘s mother came to the prison on Dr. Phil May 20 2013 to meet her for the first time in over a decade. Over the course of her disappearance, Brenda’s mother held out hope that she was still alive, but admitted that, over time, it diminished because, in all honestly, she did believe that her ex-husband had something to do with her murder.

The moment she found out Brenda was alive, her mother was surprised, shaking, and feeling immensely relieved all at the same time. She thinks that the combination of her divorce and trying to find a place for her and her children to live lead Brenda to snap. At this point, Brenda’s mother has her arms open wide and bears no ill will. She understands that everyone has their problems, and she just wants Brenda to be able to move on. She’s didn’t say what Brenda was right in what she did, but she does forgive her and says that families have to be there for each other when the other is in trouble.


Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Is Reunited With Her Mother After Over A Decade

Dr. Phil arranged a tearful reunion between Brenda Heist and her daughter after 11 years.

Brenda’s mother maintained a regular relationship with the children, sending the regular holiday cards and showing up for graduation. Before her children see her, she thinks that they should do some healing first so that they can fully grasp the reasons behind her mother’s disappearance. She also fears for her daughter’s mental state.

Dr. Phil: Dr. Frank Lawlis And Dr. Charles Sophy

Dr. Frank Lawlis felt that Brenda Heist is experiencing emotional denial. Living through her childhood under the regime of an abusive alcoholic military father and the emotional burden of her victimized mother, Brenda was never provided the tools to cope with the stresses of real life.


Dr. Charles Sophy said that, since Brenda was in a military family that moved all around the world on a regular basis, she never fully developed the ability to attach herself to people, and this bled into her family life.

With the attachment loss and lack of coping abilities, she could never bring herself to contact her children.

The good news in all of this? Though she has extreme emotional damage, the doctors found no signs of any cognitive impairment, meaning that, mentally, Brenda is intact. They plan to start treating her right away.

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist And Her Mother Are Reunited

Brenda Heist knows there are people in her life that are mad at her, but doesn’t necessarily know that there are people that still love her. Dr. Phil made her aware of this, and brought Brenda’s mom into the room for a tearful reunion. The last time the two were ever really family was back in 1999.

Dr. Phil let Brenda’s mother know that they want to bring the family back together and, with time, healing, and therapy, they are hoping that, one day, they will all be back together in some capacity.


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