Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Had Relationships With Other Children In Florida


Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Doesn’t Know Why She Did It

Brenda Heist has a tendency to run when things get rough, and she doesn’t know why she does it. She is embarrassed that she did these things. With being a mother and feeling as bad as she did, Dr. Phil wondered why she never contacted her children. Brenda thought that he husband would do a much better job of raising them, and had a strong feeling that they were doing fine, which they were.

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Tried To Commit Suicide

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Had Relationships With Other Children In Florida

Brenda Heist had relationships with other people’s children, but says she never got too close.


Coming out of the woodwork after so long in hiding added to the immense stress that she was already under, which led her to attempt a suicide. She had nothing to look forward to. She had no job and no place to live, and only more jail time to look forward to at the hands of her probation officer.

With all of this going against her, she bought two boxes of sleeping and sinus pills, took them, and waited to drift hazily into death’s dark, soothing embrace. However, quite the opposite happened when, several hours later, she began to violently vomit, and this left her bedridden for two days. When she had the strength to walk again, she walked directly to the police station.

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Went By Two Different Names

During the whole time she was on the run, Brenda Heist told everyone that she had no family and was widowed. She went by the name Kelly Smith, but no other names besides “Lovey,” which was a nickname her boyfriend gave her that caught on.


Despite the bleak front she put up and the bleaker reality of Brenda’s back story  her life during these 11 years missing weren’t without their good times. She was making enough money at points to get herself a place to live and she even lived under the illusion of true love for seven years with a boyfriend.

More than the financial stability and the boyfriend, though, were some of the people she met while she was doing cleaning for people. She spent quite a lot of time with one woman’s children, the oldest of which reminded her of her son. She tried not to get too close because of this, even though there are pictures of her down in Florida with other people’s children.

Dr. Phil: Brenda Heist Not Sure If Children Will Ever Want To See Her Again

Several pictures have surfaced from Brenda Heist’s time down in Florida, all of which depict a happy, healthy, woman. If she was tuned in enough to be happy, what stopped her from contacting her children?

Brenda said that the guilt she felt from walking away from her children prevented her from ever calling them. She thought about it, but never followed through with it. She doesn’t feel that it would have made any difference then, because given how angry her children are now, she thinks that they probably would have been just as angry then.

After missing high school and college graduations, countless birthdays, and other life events, she said that she would not blame her children if they never wanted to talk to her again.


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