Dr. Phil: Attorney Matt O’Connor – Doug Perry Shouldn’t Be Here


Dr. Phil: Is Jennifer Just Having An Affair With Doug Perry?

Dr. Phil: Attorney Matt O'Connor - Doug Perry Shouldn't Be Here

Attorney Matt O’Connor thinks that Doug Perry is only complicating the custody battle.


Dr. Phil asked Jennifer straight up: is it possible that she is just having an affair? She understands that what she is doing seems strange to most secular religions, but does not see a problem within the confines of Fellowship Of The Martyr‘s beliefs. With no backup plan, Dr. Phil wondered if Jennifer wasn’t setting herself up for hardship, that she should “pray to God, but row to the shore.”

Dr. Phil: James Still Doesn’t Know Why Jennifer Left Him

James’ biggest problem with the divorce was that, to this day, Jennifer still has not told him what he did wrong to warrant the divorce, that she just followed some delusional belief that God told her to do it. With there never being a discussion, he wants answers.

Jennifer says that she tried to have a private conversation with him, but not one in front of the kids like she says he tried to do when the split first occurred. James said that he is more than willing to do that.


Dr. Phil: James’ Attorney, Matt O’Connor, Says That They Need To See What Is Best For The Kids

Attorney Matt O’Connor, who is representing James in the custody battle that has resulted from the divorce, said that the problem is that no one is focusing on what is important. First of all, the charges of kidnapping were dropped, that it is only Jennifer that thinks they were kidnapped. Secondly, he said that the judge actually found that James had good reason to remove the kids from the Fellowship Of The Martyrs headquarters in Missouri, which Jennifer says is not true.

When it came down to is, Matt O’Connor said that the biggest problem with all of this was that with Doug Perry in the picture, which he shouldn’t be, they can’t figure out what’s best for the kids, which is the most important thing out of all of this.


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