Dr Phil: Abusive Fiancé & Five Questions To Ask Before You Get Married


Dr Phil: Mocking Fiancé

Nicole said that her fiancé A.J. is not respectful to her. He doesn’t see that he is disrespectful, but the record is there. She said they fight everyday and he is mean. He yells and tells her she is too sensitive. Nicole said she feels worthless with A.J.

Dr Phil: Abusive Fiancé & Five Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

Have you thought deeply about your marriage? Dr Phil suggests asking yourself the hard questions before walking down the aisle.


A.J. said that is an honest assumption. He said he has a temper and anger issues that cause him to lash out. He once told her daughter that she was not his because he was mad at Nicole.

Dr Phil: Is This Abuse?

After hearing a letter that Nicole wrote three months ago, everyone feels like hitting A.J. He criticizes everything she does. Nicole and A.J. don’t have a communication problem, they just don’t like each other.

Audrey isn’t the only bad guy here. A.J. is clearly not the right man for Nicole. A.J and Nicole need to dramatically change their relationship or else they should not get married. A beautiful wedding will not fix their relationship problems, said Dr Phil.


Dr Phil said that A.J. is not a horrible person. He can see the problems and that’s a good sign for change. Dr Phil recommended premarital counseling to heal their wounds and get back to their happy place.

Dr Phil: Five Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

After seeing a portrait of a couple in trouble, Dr Phil offered five questions you should think on before walking down the aisle.

  1. Why are you getting married? He said to make a pro and con list about your engagement and relationship. Are you getting married to escape something? Does you body act negatively at the thought of the wedding? You should listen to your instincts. 
  2. Do you trust your partner? Look at how they have behaved in the past because that is an indicator of your future. Look at what your partner learned about marriage from their parents.
  3. Have you planned your marriage or just the wedding? Marriage is a lifetime and your wedding is a day. You should handle the beliefs, retirement plans, living situations, number of children – create a model life plan for your marriage.
  4. Are you investing more than you can afford to lose? Will you have to give up friends, family or a career to get married?
  5. Have you shared your needs and expectations? You should discuss these with your partner so you are both on the same page.


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