Dr Phil: $2 Million Farrah Abraham Video Controversy With James Deen


Dr Phil: James Deen & Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is mad at adult film actor James Deen for violating her confidentiality. She enlisted him to co-star with her in an amateur adult video she claims to have made for her own entertainment. Now she says he is talking out of turn to try and benefit from her tabloid fame. It’s the Farrah Abraham video controversy, as seen on Dr Phil.

Dr Phil: James Deen Statement


Dr Phil said he saw an interview with Deen, in which he told his side of the story. He was told to act like Deen and Abraham were dating, as a marketing ploy for the release of the video.

Dr Phil: $2 Million Farrah Abraham Video Controversy With James Deen

Dr Phil probed a reality star about the Farrah Abraham video controversy. Is the ex-Teen Mom shopping an adult film co-starring James Deen for $2 million?

But Deen said he refused to go along with the story, and their public sighting together set off rumors and speculation. Abraham accused him of making up the entire story.


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham $2 Million Video

According to Deen, this video was a professional production that he assumed was intended for distribution. Dr Phil wondered if Abraham would sell rights to the video for a reported $2 million offer.

Abraham said that she thinks she would need to get a better asking price for the video. She would also have to consult with her business and legal team.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian also found themselves in this position and got offers in the neighborhood of $2 million. Farrah said that she did not know a reasonable asking price.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Video Controversy

Dr Phil said that if Farrah has the only existing copy, she could control the story by keeping the video to herself. “Why should you speak about a woman’s private business?” she wondered, turning things back on Deen and attempting to make it into a women’s rights issue.

What if Farrah’s daughter sees the video? Abraham said she did not bring her daughter to the show today (that makes at least one good parenting decision) and would be honest if her daughter ever brought it up.

She feels that her parents probably do not even want to deal with this story, and she was not interested in discussing the situation with them.


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