Vote For Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Finalists


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalists

Doctor Oz has spent the last year working with Weight Watchers and viewers around the country on his Transformation Nation Million Dollar You campaign. Now the project is wrapping up, and it’s time for you to help choose the grand prize winner.

After nine months and more than 3 million total pounds lost, someone is going to end up with the $1 million top prize. Dr Oz and a team of experts narrowed the entrants down to the top 10 finalists, and now everyone at home has a chance to weigh in on who they think should come out on top in the contest.


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Winners

Learn how to cast your vote for the million dollar winner from among Dr Oz's top 10 finalists.

Check out the First Five Finalists. Also from today’s show, get appetite control tips, including 200 Calorie Dessert, Healthy Snacks for Cravings and Appetite Suppressant Reviews.

Dr Oz: Vote For The Winner

Whether you were a participant or just an observer, these inspiring stories of weight loss success were a great illustration of the power of taking small steps. Over time, they can add up to big results, and seeing the small victories can keep you motivated in pursuit of larger goals.


The 10 finalists, from around the country, were in today’s audience, and they were surprised to hear their names called. They shared their stories and they came from many different backgrounds in life.

Dr Oz: 10 Transformation Nation Finalists

Doctor Oz unveiled the finalists in two groups of five. Meet The First Five Finalists, and then check out the final five, listed here.

Sheila Haines

Sheila, the youngest finalist, took 30 pounds off her weight.

Sharona Sankar-King

Sharona, a busy working mother, lost 25 pounds on her journey.

Mary Ellen Brunaugh

Mary Ellen is a 65-year-old grandmother of seven, and she lost 21 pounds.

Jen McElroy

Jen lost a remarkable 46 pounds as part of Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation.

Dawn Villaneuva

Dawn, a mom, shed 43 pounds on the program.

Dr Oz: Vote for Transformation Nation Winner

You’ve met all 10 of the finalists. Now it’s up to America to choose from this group who will be the $1 million grand prize winner. They’ve done the work and shared their stories. The home viewers get to choose whom they think has the best story or is most deserving of the prize.

Through May 13 2012, visit to cast your vote for the winner. (And no, you can’t write in your own name. But it’s never too late to get started on next year’s goals.)

Check out their before and after photos, plus find out more about their inspiring stories. You can vote as many as 10 times per finalist. It won’t be long before the ultimate winner is revealed on The Doctor Oz Show, so be sure to cast your vote. Who do you think should win?

Read about Five More Finalists. Plus, get a 200 Calorie Pizza Recipe from today’s show. Dr Oz also spoke about Appetite Control and Curbing Your Cravings.


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