Soy Flour, Almond Flour & Cauliflower Swaps | How To Lose 500 Pounds


Dr Oz: How To Lose 500 Pounds

Dr Oz’s show talked about the Garbage Can Diet and Functional Medicine for Diabesity. Next he met a family that had literally been eating themselves to death. But together they lost over 500 pounds, changing their lives and diets in the process. Find out how they used food swaps like Almond Flour and Soy Flour to get their weight under control once and for all.

Stella Family: 1200 Pounds

George Stella is a father who once weighed well over 300 pounds. Due to his Congestive Heart Failure, he was in a wheelchair. Son Christian was 15 years old and also weighed 300 pounds. The family’s collective total weight was more than 1200 pounds.


Dr Oz: Cauliflower, Soy Flour & Almond Flour Swaps

The Stella Family told Dr Oz how they lost over 500 pounds and shared their healthy swaps using Cauliflower, Soy Flour & Almond Flour.

The breakthrough came when George researched eliminating White Flour and Sugar from the family’s diet. This change helped him personally lose 260 pounds. His wife, Rachel, shed about 80 pounds, and their son also dropped 160 pounds.

Stella Family: Healthier Eating

Now George writes cookbooks designed to help other families benefit from what he has learned. The family showed off their impressive weight loss and joined Dr Oz in the studio. George spoke from the heart about the emotions he struggled with as he watched his family get bigger.


He chose to give them healthier options, focusing on the same healthy and colorful meals he served in his career as a chef. Son Christian admitted that he had trouble giving up favorites such as macaroni and cheese or pizza. But these days, there are many healthier frozen pizza options available as well.

Dr Oz: Cauliflower Swap

Dr Oz and the Stella family talked about some swaps that anyone can make to change their diets for the better. Cauliflower is an easy replacement for foods such as Potatoes, Rice, and Macaroni. It’s surprisingly versatile, and you’ll be amazed that you can’t taste the difference.

Dr Oz: Almond Flour

You can actually use raw Almonds in place of flour and create your own baking substitute. Raw Almonds from your grocery store’s baking section can be processed in a coffee grinder to the consistency of flour. Alternately, some stores offer manufactured Almond Flour, which the family said they love in dishes like Cinnamon Toast Pancakes.

Dr Oz: Soy Flour

Soy Flour can be used in baking items, and Christian even said that Soy Flour Crust Pizza is his new favorite food.


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