Soy Flour, Almond Flour & Cauliflower Swaps | How To Lose 500 Pounds


Dr Oz: How To Lose 500 Pounds

Dr Oz’s show talked about the Garbage Can Diet and Functional Medicine for Diabesity. Next he met a family that had literally been eating themselves to death. But together they lost over 500 pounds, changing their lives and diets in the process. Find out how they used food swaps like Almond Flour and Soy Flour to get their weight under control once and for all.

Stella Family: 1200 Pounds

George Stella is a father who once weighed well over 300 pounds. Due to his Congestive Heart Failure, he was in a wheelchair. Son Christian was 15 years old and also weighed 300 pounds. The family’s collective total weight was more than 1200 pounds.


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