Miracle Berry Vs Miracle Berry Tablets Review: Sour Foods Taste Sweet


Dr Oz: Miracle Berry

Everyone wants to lose weight, and we’re all looking for the next big miracle product. But according to Dr Oz, it could already be here and you might not even know it. If you want to satisfy your cravings for sweets and still lose weight, this product could be your lifesaver. Get Dr Oz’s Miracle Berry Vs Miracle Berry Tablets review and learn more about this weight loss option.

Adam Gollner is the author of The Fruit Hunters, and he joined Dr Oz to talk about the benefits of this new product. The Miracle Berry is also known by its formal name, Synsepalum Dulcificum. It’s native to West Africa, where it’s grown for many years. The reason we don’t know much about them in America is because they don’t have a long shelf life, so they don’t export very well to other parts of the world.


Miracle Berry Review: Dr Oz

Miracle Berry Vs Miracle Berry Tablets: Dr Oz

Dr Oz explored the health & diet benefits of the Miracle Berry Vs Miracle Berry Tablets, which make tart or sour foods taste sweet.

Crystal was in the audience, and she admitted she is addicted to sweets. But she committed to giving the Miracle Berry a try in place of her favorite candies. Adam said you have to bite down on the berry, swish it around your mouth, and allow it to coat your tastebuds.

Dr Oz and Crystal gave this a try, along with a few other audience members. Adam said the dosage of this berry doesn’t matter; a little or a lot will produce the same results. This will affect your tastebuds for about one hour, removing the sour taste from some foods.


After she’d had a chance to let the berry work its magic, Dr Oz offered Crystal a strawberry. She said it was so sweet that she didn’t need to add sugar to it. She also tried a slice of Lemon, and was surprised that it didn’t have that sour, acidic flavor we’re so used to.

Crystal and Dr Oz even tried a sip of White Vinegar and were shocked to discover that it tasted good as well. (You had me until the White Vinegar.)

Dr Oz Miracle Berry Tablets

The show recommended getting your Miracle Berry Tablets fix about 30 minutes before your snack. Then focus on fresh fruits, like the Strawberries or Lemons that Crystal tried. These will curb your appetite and taste better than ever.

Both of those fruits also have antioxidants, which are great for so many different aspects of your health, as you’ve probably heard Dr Oz mention countless times.

Miracle Berry Vs Miracle Berry Tablets: White Vinegar

There is actually a point to drinking White Vinegar as well, as long as the Miracle Berry is camouflaging the taste of everything. It will help you lose weight and keep your Blood Sugar low.

Miracle Berries and Miracle Berry Tablets are available online and through some local nurseries.

What do you think about this miracle product? Is it the real deal, or too good to be true?



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