GLA, Chitosan & Calcium Pyruvate Reviews: Dr Oz Fat Burners


Dr Oz: Belly Fat Supplements

After reviewing the Safslim supplement with Montel Williams, Dr Oz took a look at a few more ways we can tackle that pesky body fat we’d like to get rid of for good. Dr Oz highlighted products including GLA Gamma Linolenic Acid, Chitosan, and Calcium Pyruvate.

Dr Oz got Carla from his audience to help him teach everyone more about these products. Carla was the perfect candidate because she said she was sick of her belly and wanted to kiss it goodbye once and for all.


Dr Oz Belly Fat Supplements: GLA & Chitosan

Dr Oz's belly fat blasting supplements included GLA, Chitosan & Calcium Pyruvate.

Despite her exercise routine, which included Pilates and walking (I love walking!), and getting aggressive about her diet, she was having trouble getting results because she was always running her kids around. If she could lose weight anywhere, she would like it to be in her stomach.

Calcium Pyruvate Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz talked about Calcium Pyruvate, which is found naturally in the body. This is what triggers fat cells to release instead of store the fat that comes through your system. The Calcium Pyruvate dosage Dr Oz mentioned was 1000 mg, and it’s available at your favorite health store or online.


Dr Oz: Chitosan Supplement Review

Next on Dr Oz’s list of belly fat burning miracle supplements was Chitosan. This is naturally found in the skin of Shrimp. Did you know that Shrimp actually contain Calcium? How crazy is that?

Chitosan goes to your intestines and forms a barrier to fat. The Chitosan dosage was 1000 mg daily, and you should also be sure to drink a large glass of water before each meal when taking this product. It is also found online and in health food stores.

GLA: Gamma Linolenic Acid Review

The third product Carla learned about with Dr Oz was Gamma Linolenic Acid, better known as GLA. It can reduce inflammation in your body and also help those fat cells give it up. The GLA dosage is 800 mg daily.

Carla wanted to try all three products at once and see what happened, but Dr Oz didn’t seem to be on board with that plan. Instead, he recommended starting with GLA for about one month to see if it gets you results. It doesn’t have side effects, and it has the bonus of being an anti-inflammatory. If it doesn’t work for you, you have two other options to choose from.


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