Dr Oz: YouTube’s Daymon Patterson – Healthy Fast Food Challenge Review


Dr. Oz: Healthy Fast Food Meals

Dr. Oz sent Daymon Patterson out to review some preauthorized, under 500 calorie meals, that can be ordered at numerous fast food restaurants. For three days, Daymon Patterson was to review a different item for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dr Oz: Dunkin Donuts Vs Subway Vs KFC

The first breakfast meal he tried egg whites and turkey sausage on flat bread with a coffee and a banana from Dunkin Donuts. For Lunch Daymon Patterson went to KFC and ordered a grilled chicken breast with a side of green beans, corn on the cob and a side salad minus the croutons and with fat free ranch. Finally, for dinner Daymon Patterson went to Subway and ordered a 6-inch sub with grilled chicken on whole wheat bread.


I didn’t think he could do it, but Daymon Patterson actually said he enjoyed some of the food, although he said it was hard to change what he normally eats in just three days.

Dr Oz: Subway Breakfast Review

Dr Oz: YouTube's Daymon Patterson - Healthy Fast Food Challenge Review

Dr. Oz talks to Youtube fast food critic Daymon Patterson about getting healthy. Dr. Oz even makes him review healthy fast food options for three days.

Daymon Patterson said he really liked the breakfast option at Subway and would eat it again. The meal included an egg white sandwich with vegetables on whole wheat bread. Daymon Patterson said he was skeptical at first when he saw only egg whites, but after trying the meal he enjoyed it. Dr. Oz said for 320 calories and only 3 grams of fat, the meal was great for him.


Doesn’t sound that appetizing to me. What’s for lunch?

Dr Oz Healthy Fast Food: McDonald’s Vs Boston Market

For lunch Daymon Patterson said he like the McDonald’s option the best. The lunch included a grilled chicken sandwich minus the bread, two grilled chicken snack wraps, again without the bread and any side salad.

For Dinner Daymon Patterson went to Boston Market and ordered the grilled chicken with a side of broccoli. Although he didn’t like the broccoli too much, Daymon Patterson said he would keep eating it to get healthy for his family.

Daymon Patterson: Worst Healthy Fast Food

The worst meal, according to the YouTube food critic, was the egg white meal from Dunkin Donuts he had the first day. He said it was too dry and drinking water didn’t help the food go down.

Dr Oz: Time to Help Yourself

Dr. Oz said he was proud Daymon Patterson made it through three days of eating healthy and he wanted him to continue. Dr. Oz even brought out Patterson’s mother to talk to him about staying healthy for his family. And how important it is that he is around for his children’s lives. Dr. Oz said if he can start eating healthy, he can influence millions of other people to do the same thing.


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