Dr Oz Yoga Pose to Lose Weight & Lemon Water Detox Recipe


Dr. Oz Lemon Water Diet

Dr. Oz Lemon Water Diet Recipe!!!

Dr. Oz: Brenda’s Yoga Weight Loss

Dr. Oz and yoga instructor Steve Ross continued their demonstration on the benefits of yoga with Brenda, a woman who lost an astonishing 47 pounds thanks to yoga practices. Brenda explained how starting a yoga routine eight years ago helped her become calm, happy, and extremely physically fit. Before beginning yoga, Brenda was a size sixteen. Now, she’s a size two, and is fit, happy, and healthy. She looks great! Click on the next page button below to get the Lemon Water Diet Recipe that helped her lose all the weight:


Dr. Oz and Steve Ross explained how yoga can help you lose weight and shared a recipe for lemon water detox.

Dr. Oz and Steve Ross explained how yoga can help you lose weight and shared a recipe for lemon water detox.

Steve Ross: Stand Strong Like A Tree

Steve Ross believes that a simple two-step yoga process can help you begin and end your day on the right note. In the morning, Steve likes to stand strong like a tree; the “tree pose” involves balancing on one foot while the other foot lays flat against the standing leg. You can place the foot higher or lower on the standing leg, depending on how balanced you are. Your hands can be held at your chest or above your head; whatever feels most comfortable. Standing strong like a tree will help your body lose weight and relieve stress.


Steve Ross: Lemon Water Detox

Steve also starts his day with a glass of water with lemon for a detoxifying effect. Simply add a twist of lemon to a large glass of water. This lemon water detox makes his body feel clean, relaxed, and happy as he starts his morning each day.

Steve Ross: End the Day Chanting

You may feel silly at first, but Steve suggests that everyone end their day by singing and chanting. “Don’t be afraid to be loud and proud!” Dr. Oz emphasized. Dr. Oz, Brenda, and Steve joined the audience for a sing-a-long that involved Indian chants. Steve also played the guitar, and it looked like a lot of fun.



  1. Nessa says

    Stand on each leg for as long as you can or want, and rotate for girls try and do this pose while your toes are drying after you put on some nail polish, also for the lemon drink you can add lime so it’s not as sour.

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