Dr Oz: End Emotional Eating & Yo-Yo Dieting + Perfect Nap Length


Dr Oz: Emotional Eating

Dr. Oz explained that every once in a while, emotional eating is okay, but when it becomes a habit, it can become dangerous. A woman named Renee shared that she is a mom of two great kids, and she’s also a fourth generation pastor. Her passion is ministry and she spends a lot of time helping others, not really focusing on herself. She admitted that she’s a yo-yo dieter, and her weight fluctuates a lot. She said somehow she ended up at 175 pounds, and she’s tried every diet there is.

She also admitted that she’s an emotional eater, and when something happens in her life, good or bad, it causes her to eat. She loves sweets, butter, and seafood. She explained that she’s worried about her kids, because although she tries to make sure they eat healthy, they see what she eats. She said when she looks in the mirror and she feels horrible about the way she looks. She also said her doctor told her she was obese, which was “absolutely devastating.”


Dr Oz: End Emotional Eating & Yo-Yo Dieting + Perfect Nap Length

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating? Dr. Oz, with the help of Tory Johnson shared tips and tricks for obtaining a healthier relationship with food. (eatcute / Shutterstock.com)

She also said that it’s hard preaching with all the extra weight because she’s out of breath and sweating profusely. She said because she’s in front of people all the time, she’s expected to be happy all the time, but on the inside, a lot of times she’s sad, and it’s because of her weight. She said a lot of times she’ll closet-eat because she knows people are watching her.

Dr Oz: Preacher Struggles With Yo-Yo Dieting

If she lost the weight, she said it would mean the world to her. She said it’s time to practice what she preaches.


Renee joined Dr. Oz on his show  and explained that the emotions she goes through are nervous, empty, and she feels like she’s losing herself. She said the food seems to heal her, although she’s given her life to ministry. She said by the time she gets home, she feels like she has to fill the void she has with food through what she eats, after pouring out everything she has to people she helps and preaches.

Dr. Oz said yo-yo dieting usually isn’t a problem, it’s usually a symptom. Renee said she’s tried every diet out there and was embarrassed to say she’s been on a diet for years where she’ll pay $42 a month, but hasn’t used it. She said she’ll lose weight but then gain back more, so it’s an emotional roller coaster. She said she can’t preach wholeness and not look whole, by showing up always weighing and looking differently.

Dr. Oz explained that emotional issues are connected to physical problems. Dr. Oz conducted blood tests on Renee and found that her HDL cholesterol is really good as well as her blood sugar numbers. As for emotional issues, Dr. Oz explained that she spends so much time helping others that she doesn’t focus on helping herself. He said he wanted her to focus more on herself, not being selfish, but to just balance it out a little more.

Dr. Oz welcomed Tory Johnson, who always struggled with her weight, until one day she realized her weight was about to cost her, her job. Tory said she wanted to help Renee because she was able to figure out things that helped her so if they worked for her, they were going to work for Renee.

Dr Oz: End Emotional Eating

Dr. Oz, with the help of Tory Johnson, wanted to help those struggling with emotional eating, find a way to control the way they eat. First, Tory Johnson wanted to know what was different this time than all the other times before, that makes you want to gain control of your eating habits. Renee said her game-changer was being told she was obese.

Tory then asked what you’re willing to give up to obtain your goals. Renee said she’s willing to give up the garlic crab or the apple pie a la mode. She also said she’s willing to give up eating wrong so that she can do whatever it is she wants to do.

The first trick to ending emotional eating is to pause before every meal and snack. Tory explained that before you put anything in your mouth, you should think about it. You should choose the path of preference which is temporary satisfaction, which keeps us farther from the goal. The priority is the right path to go down. So always remember, preference or priority. Renee said her children and ministry are her priority.

Dr Oz: Healthy Snack Ideas & How To Avoid Unnecessary Cravings

The second trick is to build an arsenal for every emotion. Tory said she created snacks that are her go-to things. Tory said pickles were her go-to snack, and she also suggested taking a little jar and putting some peanut butter at the bottom and then filling it with healthy dippers like celery sticks to take with you. Other great snacks are cubes of cheese, olives, popcorn, or Hail Merry Macaroons.

The third tip was to use nail polish to curb cravings. Tory said 10 at night is her time to go to the fridge for something whether she’s hungry or not. Tory said if you use nail polish as a trick to use when you’re having a craving, a lot of times it will stop you from unnecessary snacking.

The last trick was that selfies are the new scale. Tory said photos can be a powerful tool to see how you look and to keep track of your weight loss.

Dr Oz: Perfect Afternoon Nap

Before the end of the show, Dr. Oz shared that one of his favorite things to do is answer questions from Twitter. One viewer asked: what is the perfect length for an afternoon nap? Dr. Oz said the perfect amount of time is just 10 minutes because it can give you a burst of alertness that can last for 2-3 hours. The best time to nap is between one and 4 p.m.


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