Dr Oz: World’s Fattest Woman, Feederism Fetish & Food Addiction


Dr Oz: Obesity

How do you feel about your weight? Dr Oz tackled the topic of obesity head on in this episode, inviting eight overweight women to chat with him. Four of the women were happy with their figures, while the other four wanted to lose some weight to improve their health as well as self esteem. Learn about obesity and health, and get these women’s perspectives on the Feederism fetish. Plus, find out what Dr Keith Ablow had to say about food addiction

Dr Oz is often talking about weight loss on his program, but some people in the audience aren’t interested in losing weight at all, no matter what the health benefits might be. The four women who were happy with their obesity were proud of their extra pounds.


Dr Oz: Feederism Fetish

Dr Oz: Women Who Want To Be Fat & Feederism Fetish

Dr Oz met four women who are proud of their weight and are vying for the title of World’s Fattest Woman. The panel discussed the Feederism fetish and food addiction.

One of the women weighed 700 pounds, and it was her goal to become the fattest woman in the world. (I guess if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right.) Some of the women said they enjoyed the practice of Feederism, a fetish where women eat to give gratification to others.

Dr Oz said this wasn’t covered in medical school and decided to take these women’s word for it on the subject of Feederism.


Suzanne: Fattest Woman in the World

On a previous episode, Dr Oz met Suzanne, who is actually the fattest woman in the world. She is proud of her curves, thick thighs, and swaying body. She likes how soft her body is, which is something the eight women Dr Oz met in this episode can understand.

In fact, some of the women were striving to climb up to 600 or 700 pounds, eating thousands of calories every day in this pursuit. One of them started a Feederism fetish website which has become a successful business. The men who visit her website want to watch her get bigger, and she even had a marriage proposal from a man who is only interested in her if she hits the 800 pound mark.

Former Fattest Woman in the World title holder Suzanne said that she was living a healthy lifestyle, because she walked her dog (while she rode a scooter). She said she could clean up around the house, and had somehow managed to avoid complications such as high blood pressure or diabetes. “Just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you’re not healthy,” Suzanne said.

Dr Oz: Women Who Want To Be Fat

Dr Oz’s guests who wanted to gain weight were Suzanne, Cheryl, Reenaye, and Mimi. Suzanne said she still maintains the same habits she had during her last appearance on Dr Oz’s show. She bragged that she has gained so much weight that her plane trip to the show required two seat belt extenders instead of one.

Mimi said that her Feederism website helps her offset the cost of all the food she is constantly eating. Her doctor examined her last fall and said she was in good health. Mimi said she is happy with her life.

Cheryl said she feels like a beautiful woman when she looks in the mirror. She said that she finds her size to be sexy. Reenaye said she liked the freedom to be able to eat as much as she wanted, without worrying about her looks. She said her daily caloric intake is around 4000.

Cheryl said that she finds the fat bashing on Dr Oz’s show offensive. She believed that his attitude implied that fat people are or should be unhappy with their bodies. Though she has no problem with people who do want to lose weight, she doesn’t feel like anyone is obligated to do so. Her concern was that Dr Oz might be making some women hate their bodies.

Dr Oz Obesity & Health

Finally, Cheryl did concede she has high blood pressure, and takes medication for it. Reenaye claimed to be in excellent health, and said that her Thyroid recently checked out as healthy. Dr Oz said that he has spent his career helping people overcome obesity, and he did not understand why people wouldn’t worry about gaining weight.

Dr Keith Ablow: Food Addiction

Dr Keith Ablow joined Dr Oz to discuss this topic. Before the show, he met with Dr Oz’s guests.

Dr Ablow said that the women featured in this episode are running from internal pain. Whether it is drugs, hoarding, or overeating, people tend to find unhealthy ways to distract themselves from the pain. He said he did not believe that any of the women were happy. He compared their eating habits and food to a drug, saying they are hiding behind their drug of choice and won’t be able to find true happiness until they admit it.


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