Dr Oz: What Does Binge Eating Do To Your Body?


Dr. Oz: What Binge Eating Does to the Body

Dr. Oz took all four of the women to a table, made them put on the purple gloves and revealed what a normal sized human stomach should look like. And it looked nothing like I thought a stomach would look like. The stomach was very small, maybe six inches long, and not very large, maybe large enough to fit over a single 2 liter. Dr. Oz made the women feel the wall of the stomach, which was paper thin. He explained that the wall can expand when it needs to and retract to it’s normal size later on. Basically, your stomach wall is extremely elastic.

Dr. Oz: Balloons for Intestines

Dr Oz: What Does Binge Eating Do To Your Body?

Dr. Oz shows the women how devastating binge eating can be for their bodies. Find out what it can do to your body.

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