Dr Oz: What Does Binge Eating Do To Your Body?


Dr. Oz: What Binge Eating Does to the Body

Dr. Oz took all four of the women to a table, made them put on the purple gloves and revealed what a normal sized human stomach should look like. And it looked nothing like I thought a stomach would look like. The stomach was very small, maybe six inches long, and not very large, maybe large enough to fit over a single 2 liter. Dr. Oz made the women feel the wall of the stomach, which was paper thin. He explained that the wall can expand when it needs to and retract to it’s normal size later on. Basically, your stomach wall is extremely elastic.

Dr. Oz: Balloons for Intestines

Dr Oz: What Does Binge Eating Do To Your Body?

Dr. Oz shows the women how devastating binge eating can be for their bodies. Find out what it can do to your body.


Dr. Oz explained the stomach wall was meant to expand when too much food was shoved in to it. But when the stomach grows, it needs somewhere to go, which could mean injuring other organs.

Dr. Oz took the women to a large box filled with long balloons and explained the balloons signified intestines. Dr. Oz then had the women pour enormous amounts of donuts and hamburgers inside a sack which lay on the intestine. As more and more food was crammed into the sack, the less room the intestines had to take up, literally being crushed by the stomach. Crushing the intestines makes it very difficult for food to be delivered to the stomach, essentially blocking it from entering the body.

Dr. Oz: Deadly Binge Eating

Dr. Oz took the women over to the screen to show them real pictures, of real person who had died from binge eating. First, Dr. Oz showed a picture of a normal abdomen. Everything seemed to be in the right place and everything had their own spot. He then showed a picture of man who had been binge eating from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. His stomach had been cut open and his stomach was the only organ visible. The stomach took up his entire stomach, from where his belly button should of been to the bottom of his chest.


Dr. Oz also pointed out that the stomach was blue because it had literally suffocated itself with food. All the women immediately said they need to change their eating habits.

Dr. Oz: Geneen Roth

Dr. Oz introduced the women to Geneen Roth, a woman who wrote the best selling book Women, Food and God, and who at one point in her life gained 80 pounds in three months. Roth told the women they needed to change how they felt about themselves and needed to learn to cope with their emotions in a new, healthier way.


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