Dr Oz: Weight Loss While On Vacation + Burn More Calories


Dr Oz: Vacation Weight Loss

Dr Oz knows that when you go on vacation, you can either overindulge and gain weight, or actually relax and eat what you want while losing weight. Yes, you read that correctly! He brought in three women who claim to have done the latter. One woman went to a beach in Mexico and lost five pounds, while another vacationed in London for 10 days and lost six pounds. Finally, Maxine was in Jamaica for five days at an all-inclusive resort and lost four pounds. They were excited to share their secrets!

Dr Oz: Eating Healthy On Vacation

Dr Oz: Weight Loss While On Vacation + Burn More Calories

Would you believe you can actually lose weight while on vacation? Dr Oz explained how you can pretty easily make it happen! (davidberkowitz / flickr)


Dr Oz pointed out that restaurants can be one of the biggest calorie traps, especially while on vacation. He showed pictures of the foods the women enjoyed while on vacation. They explained that they indulged on a lot of fresh food, and one woman said she would start her mornings with a fresh omelet. Maxine said the food she was eating was very fresh, which she wasn’t used to.

Dr Oz said if you order local, fresh specialties, it will almost always be good for you. Of course, stay away from processed foods and don’t be afraid to ask the waiter what they recommend.

Dr Oz: Healthier Vacation Cocktails

As for drinks, poolside margaritas and other frozen cocktails can be as much as 500 calories each! Tara said that while in Mexico she drank a lot of water and drank a lot of wine as opposed to beer or mixed drinks. Dr Oz said she was smart to choose wine over cocktails. Maxine said that while she did enjoy pina coladas, she would be sure to have three waters in between to balance it out a bit. She made sure to drink a lot of water to avoid headaches.


Dr Oz said go ahead and order a cocktail if you want, but only drink half of it and then chug at least that much water. He said it will actually make the second half of your drink taste like a new drink, and you’ll also fill up with water.

Dr Oz: Exercise On Vacation

One big thing that a lot of people tend to do on vacation is move. Tara said she was extremely active in Mexico, hiking and swimming, so they were moving every day. You can burn as much as 400 calories a day hiking and possibly just as much snorkeling! In London, Lisa spent 10-12 hours a day walking, which Dr Oz said would definitely add up considering you can burn around 200 calories an hour walking. Maxine took part in line dancing and walking on the beach.

Dr Oz said movement usually happens naturally while you’re on vacation, but if it doesn’t, be sure to try and get up and move for at least an hour a day.

Dr Oz: Relaxing While On Vacation

Dr Oz had Tara, Lisa, and Maxine sit down and relax as if they were being “beach bums.” He said you should actually allow your body and your brain to relax while you’re in vacation. Tara said the big thing for her family was that they were away from their video games and social media, because they had no Internet connection where they were. Lisa said she was exhausted but in a good way. She said she had never slept so well! Maxine said she was so relaxed knowing she had escaped -5 degree weather to enjoy beautiful Jamaica! Well, I would be too!

Dr Oz said women and men who are well-rested can burn up to 20% more calories after a meal than those who are tired.

Have you ever gone on vacation and lost weight? What did you do while on vacation that helped you lose weight? Did the opposite happen to you?


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