Dr Oz: Weight Loss & Health Transformation + Inspiring Others


Dr Oz: 100-Pound Weight Loss

Dr Oz: Weight Loss & Health Transformation + Inspiring Others

Dr Oz talked to a woman who lost 100 pounds and turned her health around. Now she is a personal trainer who is inspiring others to do the same. ([email protected] / flickr)

For all those who think their health is too far gone to do anything about it, Dr Oz had a very inspiring story to share of a woman who thought the same, until she turned her life around and even became a personal trainer. Suzanne shared that growing up, she was always the chunky child and battled her weight her entire life. By the time she was married, she weighed 225 pounds and her biggest downfall was crunchy foods. One day she went to the doctor and was told she was on the verge of having diabetes and high blood pressure. She realized she was holding herself back and started walking, until walking turned to running.


She always watched Dr Oz and started using a few of his tips, including taking a tablespoon of almond butter just before your meals to slow down digestion. She also drank oolong tea to help her metabolism, and made healthy crunchy snacks like kale chips. The more she exercised the better she felt, and now she’s lost 100 pounds.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Transformation

Dr Oz welcomed Suzanne to the show to share her incredible transformation. Suzanne shared that her life has transformed in the last few years because her healthy habits have overcome all the unhealthy ones. Her borderline diabetes is gone and her blood pressure and cholesterol are normal. She said she’s a healthier, happier person.

Suzanne said the first trip to the gym was one of the scariest days because at 300 pounds, gyms are incredibly intimidating. She said she was surrounded by people who supported her and the journey continues.


Dr Oz: Inspiring Others To Get Healthy

Dr Oz shared pictures from all the races Suzanne competed in. The first was in October 2012 and throughout the rest of the pictures you could see Suzanne’s weight coming off. Now, she’s coaching others after becoming a certified personal trainer. She said the reality is that the journey is scary but if you believe in yourself, it’s possible.

Dr Oz shared a video from all the people Suzanne inspired, of them all saying thank you for everything she has done. She even inspired her own parents to get healthy during their retirement years. Suzanne was brought to tears and said it was all worth it.

Were you inspired by Suzanne’s story? Have you recently transformed your health?


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