Dr Oz: Vitamin D & Calcium Boosts Weight Loss & Oranges Lower Stress


Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Helps Weight Loss

Dr. Oz revealed some of the best ways to burn fat without exercising, like taking a CLA supplement, eating more apples and substituting butter with coconut oil. If none of those weight loss tricks seem up your alley, keep reading for even more weight loss tips from Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D and Calcium Combination Boosts Belly Fat Weight Loss

Nutritionist Kate Geagan explained she often deals in calorie-counting when helping patients get healthy and lose weight, but she also noted there are nutrients and certain foods which help speed up weight loss, especially where belly fat is concerned.


Dr Oz: Vitamin D & Calcium Boosts Weight Loss & Oranges Lower Stress

Dr. Oz and nutritionist Kate Geagan revealed matcha tea burns fat, oranges can reduce stress and vitamin D and calcium together help burn 50 percent more fat.

Dr. Oz said there is new evidence which shows taking a combination of vitamin D and calcium will boost your body’s ability to burn fat. Geagan said if you are already cutting calories there is a benefit to adding vitamin D and calcium to your diet because it can help you burn up to 50 percent more belly fat. This fat, called visceral fat, is the fat doctors are most worried about because it increases your risk for heart disease and diabetes and it is the hardest to get rid of.

Kate said some studies have found those who are overweight or obese are also most often deficient in vitamin D and calcium. By adding these nutrients to your body, you are going to speed up weight loss and be healthier at the same time.


Dr Oz: Calcium and Vitamin D Guidelines

Did you know calcium literally grabs onto any fat entering your body and pushes it out? According to Dr. Oz it does. Along with this little bit of trivia, Dr. Oz also had some guidelines to consider when taking vitamin D and calcium supplements.

  • 1,000 IUs Vitamin D per day
  • 600 MG calcium per day
  • Eat yogurt

Dr Oz: Reduce Stress By Eating Oranges

Geagan told Dr. Oz another great combination to help melt away fat is oranges and avocados. The combination works because oranges contain vitamin C which helps to neutralize cortisol, a hormone that is released into our bodies when we begin feeling stressed. Geagan added even women who are thin oftentimes have more belly fat because of a high amount of stress in their lives.

The avocados help with weight loss because they contain mono unsaturated fats. While it does not make sense to a lot of people that eating more fat can help you lose weight, Geagan explained mono unsaturated fats are truly a secret weapon that will help you speed up your weight loss.

Dr Oz: Matcha Tea Boosts Resting Energy Expenditure

Dr. Oz found Geagan’s last combination a little surprising, but she told him it is one of her favorites for fighting fat, plus it is a really wonderful afternoon drink. Her final food combination for losing weight was ginger and green tea in the form of matcha tea. Geagan told Dr. Oz the tea is loaded with antioxidants and contains EGCG, a type of catechin that boosts your resting energy expenditure and gives you a boost in fat oxidation as well.



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