Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Top 10 Finalists


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Finale

All this season, you’ve watched, learned, and weighed in. After months of healthier eating, exercise, and hard work, 10 finalists rose to the top in Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation Million Dollar You competition. Viewers across America cast their votes, and the results are finally in.

Whether you’ve been following along since the fall or are getting ready to start your own personal transformation, this episode was a great motivator for anyone trying to be healthier. The top 10 finalists shared their inspirational stories and Dr Oz gave some of his best advice for making lasting healthy life changes.


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Million Dollar You

Dr Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You campaign inspired viewers to lose more than 3 million pounds this year.

Dr Oz: ShareCare.com Review

Dr Oz and his team took on this monumental contest and challenge this year because he believes it’s important to empower everyone to change their lives for the better. His show partnered with other leading wellness companies, such as Weight Watchers and ShareCare, to give viewers and participants access to resources and support, no matter where they are.

Local Weight Watchers branches reported huge turnouts from Dr Oz viewers during weigh-ins. ShareCare.com provided tools to track progress and chart goals over time, keeping people motivated throughout the process. Ultimately, Dr Oz’s advisory panel chose the 10 most compelling stories from among the many successes this season. Did you cast your vote? You’ll have to see the results to learn whether your favorite finalist takes home the grand prize.


Dr Oz: Oprah & Jennifer Hudson

Even some of Dr Oz’s celebrity friends got in on the act, giving their support to Transformation Nation participants. Oprah Winfrey encouraged everyone to tell their friends about their goals. Jennifer Hudson visited Dr Oz to share what she’s learned about working out and losing weight.

Deepak Chopra shared some of his Stress Management Techniques to help us all unwind. But viewers across the country were the ones doing the hard work. Maybe you are among them. Hundreds of thousands of people took Dr Oz’s challenge to heart, working hard and coming together to achieve astonishing results. Together, viewers lost more than 3 million pounds on the plan.

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation 7 Steps

Here are the seven steps that viewers across America completed in pursuit of better health during this season.

  1. Tell a friend.
  2. Calculate your BMI.
  3. Connect with your doctor.
  4. Learn your family medical history.
  5. Get more sleep.
  6. Assess your stress.
  7. Start new fitness habits.

The entire studio audience was packed with Transformation Nation success stories. Each audience member held up a number representing how many pounds they’ve lost since beginning their transformations. The studio audience alone lost thousands of pounds, which is amazing.

Audience members shared their stories and thanked Dr Oz for encouraging them or even possibly saving lives. Some people lost more than 50 pounds, and one woman said her health improvements allowed her to stop taking blood pressure medication.

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers & Liz Josefsberg

The Transformation Nation Million Dollar You challenge required the coordination and assistance of countless people and groups. Among them is Weight Watchers leader Liz Josefsberg, who said that this year’s program surpassed her wildest dreams and expectations for her organization. She said that it’s great to see adults getting serious about their health. As we know, children emulate the behavior of their parents, which means that parents getting healthier is setting a positive example for kids.

Transformation Nation Million Dollar You: Top 10 Finalists

Here are the 10 finalists from this year’s competition and their weight loss.

  • Mary Ellen Brunaugh – 21 pounds
  • Sheila Haines – 30 pounds
  • Sharona Sankar King – 25 pounds
  • Michael Lamb – 48 pounds
  • Jen McElroy – 46 pounds
  • Mercedes Moebuis – 38 pounds
  • Karl Neilson – 88 pounds
  • Stella Ortega – 45 pounds
  • Stephanie Lewis Vance – 45 pounds
  • Dawn Villanueva – 43 pounds

Together, these 10 finalists lost a total of 429 pounds. That’s an amazing result.

How much weight did you lose this year? What is your goal for the summer or the rest of the calendar year? Share your hopes and struggles in the comments.


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