Dr Oz: Tracy Anderson Weight Loss Plan & Diet Based on Body Types


Dr Oz: Tracy Anderson Personalized Weight Loss Plans

Tracy Anderson is one of the top personal trainers in Hollywood and she has helped many celebrities get their bodies where they have always wanted them to be. Today, she stopped by Dr. Oz to share her plan that will help you do the same, while getting results in as little as 10 days.

While many of the diet and weight loss programs out there fall under the one-size-fits-all category, Anderson said her plan is personalized to the person’s body type. The first step to losing weight is finding your body type. Keep reading to find out which body type you are and which weight loss plan you should follow.


Tracy Anderson Abcentric Body Type Weight Loss Plan

Abcentric Body Type:

  • Carries weight in the stomach
  • Thicker arms
  • Legs are slimmest part of the body
  • Big appetite

Tracy Anderson said the biggest problem for the abcentric body type is they are always craving sugar. Follow her suggestions below to stop those sugar cravings. You can also follow some of Dr. Oz’s advice from earlier in the show when he was talking about curbing sugar cravings.

Dr Oz: Tracy Anderson Weight Loss Plan & Diet Based on Body Types

Dr. Oz invited Tracy Anderson on the show to talk about her weight loss plan which is based on different body types like abcentric and hipcentric body types.
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  • Eat four dates per day.
  • Eat one kiwi with the skin on per day.
  • Move for 10 minutes first thing in the morning by doing standing ab exercises.

Tracy Anderson Hipcentric Body Type Weight Loss Plan

Hipcentric Body Type:

  • Poor muscle tone in upper body
  • Thick knees
  • Thick ankles
  • Thinner wrists

Tracy Anderson said the best type of food to eat for a hipcentric body type are those that improve your circulation greatly. Try eating the foods listed below:

  • Eat three lycopene-rich foods per day, like watermelon, asparagus and cooked tomatoes.
  • Dance for 10 minutes each day to get your body moving without putting stress on your joints.

Tracy Anderson Glutecentric Body Type Characteristics

Glutecentric Body Type:

  • Butt sags
  • Have back fat
  • Butt and thighs run together
  • Do not have a clear panty line

These types of people need to eat foods that reduce inflammation. Try some of Tracy Anderson’s suggestions below:

  • Eat one teaspoon of anti-inflammatory spices per day, like cinnamon or turmeric.
  • Move by doing 30 standing leg lifts while working out at the same time. This will pull up your glute muscles instead of allowing them to sag.

Tracy Anderson Omnicentric Body Types Are Naturally Thin

The final body type is the toughest to understand according to Tracy Anderson. She said these types of people are usually pretty thin to start out with. She said these are the types of people who never had to work out their entire lives but when they hit their 40s, they start to see changes in their body they never saw before.

  • Gains weight evenly
  • Heavy arms
  • Heavy stomach
  • Big thighs
  • Big butt

Tracy Anderson said anyone with an omnicentric body type needs to add more protein to their diets in order to build healthy muscles.

  • Eat tyrosine-rich protein, like turkey, eggs or seaweed, two times a day.
  • Move every day by doing two five minute workouts, an arm one in the morning and standing ab exercises later in the evening.


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