Dr. Oz: Stephanie Learned to Binge Eat From Her Mother


Dr. Oz: Stephanie is a Binge Eater

Dr. Oz: Stephanie Learned to Binge Eat From Her Mother

Dr. Oz talks to Mary’s daughter about her binge eating illness and why she chooses to binge eat like her mother.

Stephanie, the daughter of Mary, learned to binge eat from her mother. Stephanie said she has been binge eating with her mother for nearly two years. She said she never binges alone, only with her mother, because it is a time when they can bond and hang out with each other.


Mary seems to be enabling her daughter. What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Dr. Oz: How Does it Feel

Stephanie said she feels good and bad about the eating. She feels bad because she knows she is gaining weight and no teenage girl wants to be over weight, but she also said it makes her feel good because the food makes her feel better. Stephanie said when she binges, she feels closer to her mother.

After Stephanie said this her mother burst into tears, tears she was clearly holding back from the beginning of the episode.


Stephanie said she doesn’t want to be as large as her mother, a point Mary furthered by saying she does not want her child to grow into the women she is.

Dr. Oz: Kelly Speaks Up

Kelly spoke up near the end of Dr. Oz’s questions to the mother and daughter and said she was angry Mary had taught her child to be a binge eater. Kelly said the only reason she wants to get better and stop binge eating is for her daughter. Kelly also told Mary she needs to be more of a mother to Stephanie and not binge eat in front her.

It was a pretty hurtful statement and I was a bit surprised Dr. Oz let her speak her mind, but she did, and Mary started to cry again before the show cut to a commercial break.


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