Dr Oz: Snooki Lost 42 Pounds in 6 Months & Beat Anorexia & Bullying


Dr Oz: Snooki Loses 42 Pounds In Six Months

Dr. Oz said down with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to talk with her about motherhood and how she was able to lose 42 pounds in just six months.

Snooki was known as the party girl on the show Jersey Shore, but she has since traded her high heels and short dresses for baby bottles and diapers. She told Dr. Oz being a mother has inspired her to make her health the number one priority in her life, and she was able to lose 42 pounds by putting her health first. She told Dr. Oz she was able to lose the weight with determination and motivation, saying the biggest factor in her losing the weight was the example she wanted to set for her son, Lorenzo. She wants to be a healthy role model for her son and she started with her health.


Dr Oz: Snooki a Healthy Role Model For Son

Dr Oz: Snooki Lost 42 Pounds in 6 Months & Beat Anorexia & Bullying

Dr. Oz talked with Snooki about her weight loss, how she was able to overcome bullying during high school and she gave advice for other people being bullied. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Snooki admitted she used to not care about anything or anyone. All she wanted to do was party and have a good time, but now that she has a son, everything has changed for her. She has shifted her priorities to being a good mother and a good role model for her son. It wasn’t easy for her though. She told Dr. Oz she was working her butt off in the gym and seeing no progress, but she was able to motivate herself to continue working out and soon she was seeing the changes she wanted to see.

Dr Oz: Snooki Battled Anorexia While In High School

Besides talking about her weight loss, Snooki also opened up to Dr. Oz about her battle with anorexia while she was in high school. She said it all started when she was a cheerleader. She wanted to keep her position as the flyer on the squad but she was scared she might lose her position to girls who were smaller than her. She told Dr. Oz her eating habits were so bad she was just eating ice cubes and her weight dropped down to 85 pounds.


Dr Oz: Nicole Polizzi Advice For Victims Of Bullying

Snooki told Dr. Oz her anorexia was also the result of bullying in school. She said many of the girls in her school were very nasty, causing her eating disorder to become worse and worse. She said she doesn’t want others to go through what she did, offering up some advice for others who might be getting bullied. She said the one thing every victim of bullying needs to know is that they are truly amazing, said Snooki. She told them to remember to love themselves because that matters more than anything a bully can say. Snooki told Dr. Oz it worked for her. She became so sick and tired of the being bullied she confronted her bullies and from that day forward she was never bothered by the mean girls again.

Dr Oz: Snooki Wants To Be Fit, Not Skinny

Dr. Oz wondered if Snooki’s weight loss and dieting could lead her back into another eating disorder but she said she doesn’t think it will happen. She told Dr. Oz she is in a much healthier place now where her goal is to be fit, not skinny. She said she does not want to be skinny, she wants to be strong.


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