Dr Oz: Sleep-Related Weight Gain, Fat Burning Bedtime + Cold Bedroom


Dr Oz: How To Stop Sleep-Related Weight Gain

Lack of sleep could be causing you to eat up to 1,000 extra calories per day, according to Dr Oz. He invited Dr Nina Radcliffe to the show to explain how you can shut down sleep-related weight gain.

“Sleep deprivation impacts our hormone levels in a way that can undermine the efforts of even the most dedicated dieters,” Dr Radcliffe said, noting that our cravings can skyrocket and put our diets out of control.


Dr Oz: Ghrelin Causes Hunger Cravings

Dr Oz: Sleep-Related Weight Gain, Fat Burning Bedtime + Cold Bedroom

Say goodbye to sleep-related weight gain with Dr Oz’s prescription for your own fat burning bedtime and the optimal temperature for a cold bedroom at night.

Jamie said that she tries to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but she is often awake during the night, having trouble with sleep quality as a result. She admitted to Dr Oz that she has struggled with her weight.

The body has the potential to store fat. When you get enough sleep, the hormone Ghrelin (which makes your stomach growl) is found in low levels. But when you start to lose more than about one hour of sleep in a night, Ghrelin levels can increase along with stress, and before long, you could be storing excess fat.


“When your Ghrelin is off and rises that quickly, it sends your cravings out of control, and all of the sudden, you are gaining weight without realizing why,” Dr Oz said. Eating 1,000 extra calories per day could be a huge difference.

Dr Oz: Keep Your Bedroom Cold

What can you do for better sleep? Keep your bedroom cold for better sleep at night. Dr Radcliffe said this will improve your sleep cycle and sleep efficiency. Cut down on heavy pajamas or thick comforters. Set your thermostat to 63 degrees F at night. Choose lighter sheets on the bed, and wear thin clothes to bed…or nothing at all!

Dr Oz: Calculate Fat Burning Bedtime

Just one extra hour of sleep per night could help you to lose 15 pounds over the course of a year, while you are sleeping. Figure out when you need to wake up, and subtract eight hours from that. This is when you should be getting to sleep to get the best amount of sleep.

Dr Oz: Eat Breakfast At Bedtime

Say no to junk food at night. This can disrupt the sleep cycle. Instead, Dr Radcliffe told Dr Oz you should grab bananas with walnuts, peanut butter and whole grain crackers, or oatmeal. These meals all contain Tryptophan, Melatonin, and complex carbs to help you promote sleep when you want it.

Dr Oz: Valerian Root Tea Review

Instead of a nightcap, make Valerian Root Tea. Dr Oz said to make it one hour before you go to sleep, and its potency will help you relax after it steeps for five to 10 minutes. What tip sounds the best to you?


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